Fashion Influencer Holly Titheridge Shares The Jewellery She Can’t Live Without

Elevate your everyday look

This season, PANDORA Jewelry is all about you and the wonderful things that you do. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the daily grind and we so often forget to stop and acknowledge our accomplishments and achievements. So this spring, make sure you do celebrate and reward your successes – no matter how big or small.

To ring in spring, PANDORA have collaborated with fashion influencer Holly Titheridge from to create two bold looks.

Holly’s The Secret to Work Chic look focuses on mixing metals, shapes and textures for an eye-catching effect. Create a bold jewellery look that can take you from desk to drinks by creating a seamless fusion of modern design, metallic hues and cut-out details. Rule the new 9-to-5 by stacking rings, bangles and necklaces for a mixed metal look.

holly titheridge pandora jewellery
The Secret to Work Chic (Credit: Pandora)

The City Essentials look sees Holly creating effortless style with the new Moments Open Bangle. This accessory is striking worn alone or paired with statement rings for a bold look. Layer up with multiple rings and add different kinds metals to create texture and contrast.

pandora holly titheridge
City Essentials (Credit: Pandora)

Intricately hand-finished from ethically sourced materials, the new season PANDORA Collection pieces are true ambassadors of the brand. Embellished with intricate details and meticulously hand-finished, the beautiful designs possess a timeless look that can be cherished by women of all ages. PANDORA creates the base from which you can create precisely the look you want.

Hand-finished and high quality, PANDORA blends expert craftsmanship with innovative design and sustainable materials. PANDORA makes jewellery as unique and timeless as the memories shared between loved ones. This is jewellery you’ll be proud to gift and wear forever.

So this season, DO See the Wonderful. Do find that special piece of jewellery that will remind you of who you are and what you are capable of. Do recognise how wonderful you are. And most importantly, DO be true to you.

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