How to Choose A Forever Watch

Find a timepiece for life

Even in this age of all-digital-everything, nothing beats the timeless appeal of a beautiful watch. Just ask the world’s street style stars, who invariably have a statement timepiece glinting from the very wrist that’s holding up their mobile phone.

And while you’re not going to be passing down your smart phone to future generations, a high quality watch is a true modern heirloom. It’s also an important investment – so you want to know exactly what you’re paying for, and why. Read on for our definitive guide to finding a watch to wear now, and treasure forever. 

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1/ Choose your material wisely

Stainless steel is the most common watch material, thanks largely to its affordability and go-with-everything good looks. It’s also cost-effective over time, as it’s easy and relatively inexpensive to replace parts as time goes on. One downside, however, is its tendency to scratch with daily wear, but it can be polished to look good as new.

A luxe upgrade on traditional stainless steel is high-tech ceramic, preferred by high-end watchmakers like Rado. It’s the perfect material for a forever watch as it’s approximately five times harder than stainless steel, which makes it highly scratch-resistant. In fact, only very few materials can scratch high-tech ceramic – diamonds being one of them. A wide array of colours is an aesthetic benefit offered by high-tech ceramic. As opposed to a mere coating, coloured ceramics are much more durable as they’ll never fade. Not all ceramic watches are created equal however. Unlike Rado, many watch brands fail to master this high-tech material, which results in inferior quality ceramics being used.

rado watch
(Credit: RADO)

Also be wary of gold-plated watches. We don’t suggest gold-plated for a long-term piece as it’ll simply wear off – and you can’t polish it or the gold will come off.

When we think watch materials, we tend to think only of the case and band – but the glass protecting the watch dial is just as important. Low-quality watches use plastic or standard glass, which can crack, scratch and break easily. Look for pieces with sapphire crystal glass instead – as one of the hardest materials in the world, it’s the ideal glass for an investment piece.

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2/ Find an individual style

It pays to forget trends and tap into your true personal style when choosing any investment piece, watches included. Many watches allow you to switch up the band so you can experiment with multiple looks (for instance, chunky metal one day and buttery leather the next).

“Choosing a watch is a very individual decision based on personal style,” says Matthias Breschan, CEO of Swiss watchmaker Rado. “Treat buying a watch as a holistic experience. An investment watch should speak to you on every level – aesthetic, personal, tactile.”

A watch dial is the biggest design element to consider, with round faces being the most traditional. Square is also increasingly common. Instead of simple numerals, many high-end feminine pieces feature diamonds as the hour markers.

The next question is, sporty or sophisticated? We love the new Rado HyperChrome Captain Cook watch, which melds the best of both. An elegant mix of pure white high-tech ceramic and stainless steel, studded with diamonds around the dial, it’s the epitome of sports luxe.

(Credit: supplied)

3/ Consider your watch’s movement

Broadly speaking, there are two types of movement (industry speak for what powers your watch): quartz, which basically means battery-powered, and automatic, which is powered by turning the crown or moving your wrist.  

Quartz watches are the most cost-effective as there’s few moving parts. Simply replace the battery when it runs out.

Automatic watches, on the other hand, have more complex internal mechanics as kinetic energy powers the movement. They need servicing every five years, but an automatic watch is an incredibly refined mechanical achievement that many people prefer.

4/ Prioritise comfort as well as design

You can have the most beautiful watch in the world, but if it’s a pain to wear, chances are it will be left to gather dust in a drawer.

Consider the weight of each piece you try on and ensure the fit is just right. “High-tech ceramic is lighter than stainless steel by approximately 25 per cent, so it’s not a burden on the wrist.” It is also hypoallergenic and adapts to your body temperature more quickly than ice-cold metal.

rado watch
(Credit: RADO)

The Rado True Diamonds features – in addition to the gemstones that give it its name – a full ceramic bracelet and case. The refreshing look is further reinforced by the purity of the white ceramic, meaning that you can enjoy the comfort of ceramic while also showcasing your individual style.


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