Hopelessly Devoted: How To Find Your Forever Engagement Ring

Put a ring on it—in style.

It’s never too early to start hunting for the perfect engagement ring. Whether you’re in a committed relationship or living your best single life, there’s no harm in planning ahead for the big day.

Saying ‘yes’ to your soon-to-be life partner’s proposal should be an easy decision, but there’s a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the ring you’ll wear for the rest of your life—from precious materials to metal, design, and style.

“An engagement ring reflects true love, commitment, and a prosperous future with your other half. The form and design of a ring can be representative of your love story itself,” says Sandro Erl, the CEO of luxury German jeweller Niessing.

The 150-year-old heritage brand is renowned for its striking range of engagement rings, so it makes sense that they’re (literally) experts in the trade. Here, explore Niessing’s ultimate guide to finding your forever ring.     

Cardi B engagement ring
It’s hard to miss Cardi B’s oval diamond engagement ring, styled with long red nails.

Engagement Ring Trends For 2023

Classic and contemporary design will never go out of style, no matter how many coloured or unconventional engagement rings the celebrity set flash. Instead, 2023 is all about timeless designs with a twist.

“East-to-west set engagement rings are in high demand due to their playful but equally timeless and classy look,” Erl says. “This style features a horizontally oriented diamond on the band, providing a different design perspective and a bolder look.”

Another trend in engagements? Loved-up couples are ditching the traditional ‘surprise’ proposal and heading straight to the jewellery store together. 

“Couples can bond over a sentimental moment and design a meaningful jewellery piece they each adore, ensuring the chosen ring is designed, fitted, and engineered to perfection, making that milestone moment extra special,” Erl says. 

“Niessing’s onsite consultants can suggest suitable engagement rings to try on, assist with altering one of the designs available or guide a couple when creating a custom piece of jewellery.”

Blake Lively engagement ring
Blake Lively flashes her engagement ring from husband Ryan Reynolds.

How To Personalise Your Engagement Ring

Whether you prefer a simple or bold ring, a unique design or a trending look, there’s a variety of ways to personalise your engagement ring.     

Jewellers can help design a piece that reflects your individuality—incorporating family diamonds or finding a precious material that suits your style and skin tone.  

“[Your] lifestyle or job should also be considered in the design to ensure the piece is practical and can uphold its timeless condition for years to come,” Erl advises.    

In Niessing’s iconic Spannring collection, there are a variety of unique rings to express every couple’s relationship. “For instance, the Niessing Spannring® Lucia unites expressive energy and flowing curves in a single ring design,” Erl says.

“With a floating diamond that sits above the band and a contour of diamonds along the edge, the ring connotes ideas of multiple parts coming together to make a whole, defying odds to create a beautiful finish.”

Niessing engagement ring
All that glitters: The Niessing Spannring® High End C Highlight (left) and Niessing Spannring® Lucia (right) are handcrafted in Germany and bring striking Bauhaus design to modern style. (Credit: Image: Supplied)

Cheat Sheet: 8 Questions To Ask Your Jeweller

  1. What metal do they suggest best suits your ideal ring design?
  2. What precious metal do they suggest best suits your skin tone?
  3. Which kind of design suits your personality—contemporary or more classic styles?
  4. Which ring suits your daily routines?
  5. Can you combine other rings with the engagement ring?
  6. What insurance or warranty do they offer?
  7. What is the grading of a diamond? And what is the ideal size, cut and colour?
  8. What rings are available based on your budget?

Brought to you by Niessing. Niessing Jewellery is available worldwide. To find out more about its award-winning design philosophy and browse the full range of exquisite pieces, visit or  the Sydney boutique at Strand Arcade. 

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