How To Pull Yourself Out Of A Style Rut

According to our fashion editors

We all have those mornings where we feel as if we’re stuck between a rock and a ‘meh’ place when it comes to getting dressed. But what happens when those lacklustre mornings turn into days, turn into weeks, turn into months?

Getting dressed is supposed to be joyous, but sometimes I can’t help but look at my wardrobe in disdain, wondering how I ended up with such an eclectic, confusing mix of clothes that I simply do not want to wear. It’s called a style rut, and it sucks. 

In the name of pulling each and every one of you out of your next rut, I asked the fashion team how they crawl their way out of their own style potholes.

Read on for their handy tips, my soon-to-be-rut-free friends… 

Jana Pokorny — Fashion Director 

“Get a new haircut—it can change how everything looks. Or, alternatively, next time you reach for that black dress, choose a jade green instead and see how it makes you feel.”

Tara Morris — Junior Fashion Editor 

“Find yourself a new muse or brand to channel in your day to day life. RN I want to be a ‘Toteme’ girl… I need to put the wheels in motion.”

Monica Russell — Market Editor 

“A new haircut can change your complete look. I’m feeling very uninspired ATM so decided to grow my short bob and fringe out to try a new longer style.”

Ella Blinco Jury — Fashion Office Coordinator 

“Workshop your wardrobe—get out of your comfort zone and try new combinations with the pieces you already have in your wardrobe. A little inspiration goes a long way; use Pinterest or Instagram to create style mood boards of outfits you love. You can re-create your own versions or find inspiration for other ways you can wear what you already own.”

Isabelle Truman – Digital Fashion Editor 

“Follow a bunch of stylish bloggers on Instagram and make sure you save every outfit you like to your ‘saved collections’. I created a specific fashion folder in there, so when I take a look at it as a whole, I can easily see the standout pieces I need to shop. Plus, clear your wardrobe of everything you don’t wear and start fresh.”

So, what are the next steps? Book yourself in for a fresh haircut (perhaps the ’90s bob all the celebs are obsessed with) and start scrolling. 

See you on the other side!

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