How To Shop Zara In Under 15 Minutes

Like a pro

Have you ever just “popped into” Zara, only to find yourself sifting through the racks for what feels like an entire lifetime? Us too!

An insider at the brand’s head office (who wishes to remain anonymous) recently revealed a few tips for getting in and out of Zara, bargain in hand, in less than 15-minutes. Thank us later!

“Visiting Zara when it opens in the morning is a good idea, as you will be able to appreciate how our merchandisers prep the store before all the other customers arrive. Our merchandisers work their magic on store layouts every week, so don’t get stuck on the idea that one section is better than the others.” 

“The store is set up in a way where collections are presented in little ’boutiques’ with styling recommendations—including shoes, bags, and accessories (you might have noticed we don’t have a separate section for shoes or bags). So before just going through the racks of clothing throughout the store, I recommend you take the time to look at these boutiques so you can fully appreciate the collections—you might find some inspiration.” 

“All stores get two deliveries at the beginning and end of each week, but our flagship stores—Pitt Street in Sydney, Queen Street in Brisbane, Murray St in Perth and Bourke Street in Melbourne—will normally get more stock and limited-edition pieces.” 

“High-trend pieces from the women’s section can sell out quickly at the Pitt Street and Bondi Junction stores (in Sydney), this is because we have all the stylists and fashion editors shopping in these stores.”

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