Louis Vuitton Drops Silk Scarf Range For Parisian Summer Style

Styling tips abound.
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There’s a universal styling truth that Parisian women have known for years: the silk scarf is the most versatile accessory in your closet.

A quality silk scarf is a timeless addition to any wardrobe, and can immediately elevate any look.

Whether worn as a hair accessory, an addition to your handbag, a neck tie or a belt, a scarf never fails to add a pop of colour and sophistication to your ensemble. 

(Credit: Louis Vuitton)

Ahead of the Australian spring and summer, Louis Vuitton has released a stunning collection of silk scarves to help you recreate that European style essence.

“Reflecting the Maison’s audacious spirit, Louis Vuitton silk squares create a versatile feminine allure,” the French fashion house declares. “Revealing a myriad of stylistic variations, they are adorned in a playful colour palette and graphic prints with magnified proportions.”

While Australians tend to think of scarves as winter items, the bold Louis Vuitton range reminds us that a small, silk scarf can be the perfect accessory for the warmer months.

Here are some Louis Vuitton-approved ways to style your summer scarf. 

A Head Scarf

The Louis Vuitton Arty LV Unlocked Square scarf, fashioned as a headpiece. (Credit: Louis Vuitton)

Whether you want to tie it around your chin like Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly, or you want to do a hair wrap like Rihanna or Solange Knowles, there are multiple ways to wear a scarf around your head.

Audrey Hepburn wearing a head scarf on her film ‘Funny Face’. (Credit: Getty)

While the French, 1960s look simply involves folding your square scarf into a triangle, draping it over your hair and securing it below your chin, tying it atop your tresses can be more difficult. 

Here TikTok user, Alana Black, shows her technique: (article continues after video)

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We’ve also seen women wear scarves plaited into ponytails or—of course—tied as ribbons. 

A scarf used as a hair accessory. (Credit: Getty)

A Neck Scarf

(Credit: Instagram / @junybreeze)

Neck scarves can also be tied multiple ways depending on the shape of your scarf. 

Consider, for instance, a ‘cowboy’ style, triangular neckerchief.

(Credit: Louis Vuitton)

Alternatively, a smaller scarf can make a small neck tie, almost like a choker necklace. 

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Finally, there’s the longer neck scarf, which Louis Vuitton models like this… 

LV styling a long scarf. (Credit: Louis Vuitton)

The Scarf Bag Accessory

If you have a simple handbag, you can style it up by tying a scarf to your handle. 

Wrapping your bag handles in a scarf can spruce up an old bag. (Credit: Getty)

While it can be simple to tie the scarf in a knot and let the ends fly, there’s also an option to wrap it around the handles, seemingly creating an entirely new coloured or patterned top to your purse. 

The Scarf As A Belt

Wear you scarf as a belt to add contrast and colour to your outfit. (Credit: Getty)

With a big-enough scarf, you can also tie it around your waist or weave it through the belt of your jeans to add some interest in these areas. 

Scarves To Shop

From luxe to less, here are some cute silk scarves to shop today.

(Credit: Louis Vuitton)

Arty LV Unlocked Square 90, $810 at Louis Vuitton

(Credit: Louis Vuitton)

Up and Away Bandeau, $410 at Louis Vuitton

(Credit: The Outnet)

Printed Silk Twill Scarf by Ferragamo, $402 at The Outnet

(Credit: The Iconic)

Silk Geo Neckerchief by Trenery, $99.95 at The Iconic

(Credit: The Iconic)

Silk Twill Floral Bandeau Scarf by Trenery, $69.95 at The Iconic

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