4 Tips For Capturing Insta-Worthy Content After Dark

Lights out.

Until recently, an influencer wouldn’t err away from shooting content in low-lit conditions. But thanks to new technology, that’s a thing of the past. What if we told you that with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Series, you can take incredible pictures after dark?

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S22 Series

Samsung’s new Galaxy comes with a long-lasting battery life, nightography (more on that later) and a triple rear camera. This new technology gives both influencers and up-and-coming creatives the opportunity to bring their creative fantasies to life.

With four colours to choose from–striking Phantom White, Green, Pink Gold or classic Phantom Black–you can tailor your phone to your style or your mood. There’s four additional yet equally stylish colourways available exclusively via, including Graphite, Cream, Sky Blue and Violet.

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Low light, high quality

The smartphone’s nightography has really piqued our interest. Ever thought you were capturing A+ content on a night out, only to discover that the image quality has let you down? In contrast to some other smartphones, the Galaxy S22 Series pro-grade camera does some of its best work after dark.

The Galaxy S22 Series now comes with a new feature that enlarges pixels to pull in light. As soon as your camera detects low light, the bigger pixel sensor springs into action. Simultaneously, the super clear glass dials down lens flair using an exclusive low-reflective nano-coating. Working in tandem, these two actions help ensure photos and videos turn out bright and clear, no matter the conditions.

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After dark video also receives a glow-up with the help of new advancements in technology. Auto framerate matches the frames per second speed to your surroundings and the ‘super night solution’ feature clears up the noise in each frame. Translation: Low-lit videos will rival the quality of your mid-morning photoshoot.

Samsung Galaxy S22 nightography feature Instagram
@simplydanbrown shows us that some things are better at night with the Galaxy S22. (Credit: @samsungau/Instagram)

3 tips for shooting content at night: 

  1. Switch on night mode. Your Galaxy S22 will automatically choose the ideal frame rate to capture as much light and detail as possible.
  2. Taking a selfie? Turn on Night Portrait mode. Samsung’s Night Portrait mode works on both front and rear cameras, and uses auto framing to focus on the people in the shot for a clear result.
  3. Stay steady. When shooting in low light, your camera’s shutter speed slows down to allow more light to pass through the aperture. This means photos are more likely to become blurry, so make sure you keep a steady hand or enlist the help of a tripod. 

Tap to erase

We all know the distinct disdain of taking a super-hot selfie, only to realise that there is an empty coffee cup bringing down the vibe in the background. Rather than retaking the photo or enlisting the help of your Photoshop-savvy friend, Samsung has a simpler option: object eraser. Now, you can manually remove people or objects from the background of your shot—simply tap or circle the offending object—leaving a perfectly-polished image, worthy of your grid.

Brought to you by Samsung Galaxy S22 Series. Capture all your after dark fashion moments with the new Samsung Galaxy 22 Ultra—with a pro-grade camera that means you can shoot into the night without compromising on quality. With nightography, you can record from sun up to sundown in stunning detail, so you never miss a style moment.

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