8 Life-Changing Laundry Tips Every Fashion Girl Needs To Know

Aka, how to care for your most delicate pieces without ruining them

While washers and dryers were once the bane of any designer fashion addict’s life, these days, they can be relied upon to clean and dry even the most delicate of fabrics without ruining them. Here’s everything to know about the new generation of clothing care.

1. It’s no longer mandatory to take all your investment pieces to the drycleaner: You can safely wash your normal “hand wash” delicates in certain machines – and that includes lace and sequins.

2. Try ‘refreshing’ your clothes rather than washing them: Washing machines now have stream refresh programs that allow you the refresh your garments without using detergents – cheaper than professional cleaning.

3. Always use a softener for fabrics such as wool: Softeners and detergents can now get mixed with water before being released into the washing chamber, which means no more residue.

4. Don’t be afraid of the clothes dryer – it’s no longer a recipe for disaster: You can throw your woollens into certain dryers. Yes, you can.

5. Your only worry should be separating your darks and whites: There are machines that take the guesswork out of detergent dispensing and determine the load size and then the correct about of detergent.

6. The best machines are those that are allergy friendly: There are machines that can move up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria even at low temperatures which is perfect for family members with asthma.

7. You no longer need to curse when you leave an item out of the wash: There are front-load machines that have a secret door so you can pop in an errant sock even after the cycle has started.

8. You can wash your clothes at the same time you wash your towels: There are machines that can run a big load and a small load in a smaller compartment at the same time.

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