Time To Shine: 3 Reasons A Watch Is The Ultimate Accessory

A stunning addition to your wrist wardrobe.

So much more than a simple timekeeping device, watches have long been viewed as a symbol of style and sophistication.

Wrapping a watch around your wrist has the ability to elevate any outfit, with the range of designs and finishes available able to complement almost any unique style.

Whether you collect new pieces like clockwork, or you’re taking your first steps into the fine watch world, selecting a timepiece to add to your accessory collection should never be an afterthought: after all, the wristwatch deserves its place in the spotlight.

Here are three reasons a watch has become our favourite go-to fine jewellery piece when it comes to our wrist wardrobe.

1. A Touch Of Elegance

While the word “jewellery” first conjures images of necklaces, earrings and bracelets, the watch has also earned a spot on the luxury jewellery shelf.

Made using the finest of materials (like gold, platinum and sapphire crystal), they can also be adorned with precious gems like diamonds. Plus, the craftsmanship and attention to detail required to create the intricate designs and complex movements are akin to works of art.

The new iteration of Rado’s iconic Centrix range is the most elegant yet, with evocative and sensuous contours bringing to mind the windswept beauty of the desert.

Rado Centrix Automatic
Centrix Automatic Diamonds in Silver, $4,050. (Credit: Supplied)

2. Practically Perfect

Far from a frivolous fashion accessory, the practicality of a timepiece can’t be overstated.

While we’re surrounded by technology designed to keep us updated, informed and on time, the watch offers a stylish escape from the constant barrage of notifications.

Modern movement technology also ensures reliable time and tremendous accuracy, so you’ll never be (fashionably) late again.

Couple that with the visual harmony of the lugs and bracelet elements and elegant contours throughout the watch design, and you’ve got a timepiece that’s practically (and stylishly) perfect in every way.

3. A Style Staple

Watches have been a beloved accessory of the world’s most stylish women, with Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly and Princess Diana (who famously wore two watches at once) all gracing their wrists with an iconic timepiece.

Rado Centrix watch
A truly timeless choice, the Rado Centrix comes in different sizes and finishes to add a touch of sophistication to any style. (Credit: Supplied)

The options in size, colour and design makes the watch adaptable to any style or look.

The new Rado Centrix comes in different sizes, slightly larger and more expressive than the earlier line. From the smaller 30.5mm diameter to the irresistible 39.5mm larger version, the range is available in elegant brown sunray, grey and rose gold, sophisticated black and silver and stunning black and yellow gold.

The new Rado Centrix brings to mind the breathtaking, windswept beauty of the desert, with a softer, more sensuous design. Discover the collection here to find your perfect watch match.

Brought to you by Rado.

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