The Biggest Stars Are Putting An Emotional Twist On The ‘In My Bag’ Trend

What we carry only makes us stronger.

We’re the first to admit that we love a sneaky peek inside the handbags of our most beloved celebs. From their favourite on-the-go beauty must-haves to their car keys and the phone that’s glued to them 24/7, our inner voyeurs love seeing what famous faces can’t live without.

Yet, there is always more than meets the eye, and a new campaign is turning the trend of rifling through handbags on its head, shifting focus to the more emotional “baggage” we carry with us each day.

Coach’s “In My Tabby” celebrates the defining moments that make us who we are and make us stronger. Featuring some of the most recognisable and powerful voices of their generation—like Camila Mendes and Lil Nas X—the campaign aims to inspire people to fully express and embrace all of who they are.

At the centre of it all? The iconic Coach Tabby bag, a TikTok star beloved by fashion influencers and celebrities alike.

The Star Of The Show

Reimagined from its 70s beginnings for a new generation, the Tabby has become a modern icon.

Bringing all that was good about the decade of cultural change and self-expression into the now, while still featuring Coach’s Signature hardware and embodying the house’s quintessentially American design language, the Tabby has been explored in a multitude of aesthetic iterations for today’s generation.

Coach Jelly Tabby
A modern icon, the Coach Tabby has been reimagined for a new generation, with a multitude of aesthetic iterations. (Credit: Supplied)

Whether it’s the candy-coloured, transparent and sparkled Jelly Tabby reminiscent of the early noughties, the dreamy ultra-soft and plush Pillow Tabby (a cult favourite on TikTok) or a wear-with-anything Shoulder Bag in classic black, the Tabby is made for everyone, no matter their style or status.  

With unlimited ways to wear it, the Tabby empowers wearers with the courage to be real and symbolises fashion as a platform to express ourselves and tell our unique stories.

What’s In Their Tabby?

Members of the Coach Family are telling their own stories through the campaign, underpinned by the idea that what we carry makes us stronger.

After all, just as a handbag may be the defining piece of our outfits, so too are our experiences, personal journeys, struggles, and aspirations defining parts of who we are as individuals.

For Brazilian-American Riverdale star Camila Mendes, carrying her past experiences and “all the different versions” of herself is what inspires her to grow.

“Sometimes I feel at odds with my many selves,” she says.

“But I’m learning to embrace that. That’s what makes me who I am.”

Lil Nas X Coach Tabby campaign
In Lil Nas X’s Tabby? His creative dreams for his future. (Credit: Supplied)

For the headline-making, cultural disruptor Lil Nas X, his ‘In My Tabby’ experience centres around his artistic plans for the years ahead.

“I carry my plans for the future. What I’ll do next, everyone will see.”

Tabby On Tour

It’s not just famous faces sharing their “emotional baggage”: the brand is taking the phenomenon on tour with an immersive experience celebrating self-expression and the defining moments that make us who we are.

Taking place at Sydney’s iconic Carriageworks from March 22, the Coach Tabby Tour is a colourful, subway-inspired pop-up.

Visitors will be transported to the dynamic world of Coach through a series of experiential “subway cars”, including a retrospective of the Coach Archive featuring heritage pieces and vintage prints.

True to the Tabby’s spirit of self-expression, guests will also be able to shop the collection and personalise a Coach hangtag, all while enjoying treats at the bespoke ice cream cart.

The best part? Tickets are free…but they are limited. Book in your session here and get ready to share what’s in your bag by celebrating creativity and self-expression.

Brought to you by Coach.

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