5 Rules For Curating The Perfect Capsule Wardrobe

Never get wardrobe regret again.
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Hands up who spends their weeknights languidly scrolling Net-A-Porter, compiling wish list after wish list while watching Bridgerton? (we hope that’s not just us).

Whether you’re shopping for luxury basics or a special occasion splurge, sorting your future wardrobe MVPs from the wear-once regrets can be a tricky business. Until now—consider this the criteria by which all future purchases should be made and all capsule wardrobes should be curated.

1/ Calculate cost per wear

Don’t believe your boyfriend—investment fashion is real (just ask anyone in possession of a Birkin).

“I don’t believe in saving big ticket items for special occasions – if I’ve splurged on something I want to be able to get tons of wear out of it,” says former StyledBy marie claire content editor Brittany Henderson.

“In the past I’ve fallen into the trap of buying things for my alter ego – the one who lives in sophisticated and sexy but deeply impractical pieces and doesn’t have to catch the train to work. Now, I focus on being able to wear a new piece three different ways with what already exists in my wardrobe.”

2/ Consider quality

If you’re going to splash your hard-earned cash, you want to make sure it’s on something that will last more than one season.

Examine the piece’s fabric and finishes closely before you buy: “Are the hems straight and tidy? Does the material drape in a flattering way? Does the cut fit you as it should – no gaping or warping? All signs that it’s worth the investment,” says Henderson.

Don’t think that means we’re restricting you to four-figure purchases from now on: “You can still get years’ wear out of high street finds if they’re well-constructed and you treat them properly,” says Henderson.


3/ Prioritise timelessness over trends

Don’t fall victim to a flashy flash-in-the-pan trend. Those Barbie-pink platforms are good for one, two seasons tops. A crisp white shirt or dove grey cashmere sweater, on the other hand, is forever.

Luxury basics are the building blocks of any good wardrobe; provided you care for them properly, they’ll see you through season after season and still look just as good as the day you brought them home.

4/ Always read the label

The cost of many high-ticket items skyrockets if you need to factor in regular dry-cleaning. Consider whether you’re prepared to take proper care of an investment piece before you splash out.

Ask yourself if it’s likely to survive the wash/dry/ironing process and still keep its shape? Will you wear it with joy or constantly worry about spills or creases? 

5/ Where does it fit in your wardrobe?

Whether it’s a show-stopping piece or a luxury staple, there’s no good in introducing a new garment to your repertoire if you have nothing to wear it with.

Consider how your investment piece fits with the rest of your wardrobe and your regular sartorial rotation—an item that requires further purchases to complete a look is rarely worth the price tag. 

Wardrobe Investment Pieces Worth Your Money 

If you’re looking for a little guidance on the capsule wardrobe staples worthy of your hard-earned money, scroll on for our picks of the pieces every collection needs. 

The Suit 

(Credit: Photography: Manolo Campion @manolocampion, DLMAU @dlm_au / Styling: Jordan Boorman)

Suit, starting at $1670 at Bottega Veneta 


Double Breasted Twill Blazer, $610 at REISS 


The Way High Drape Pant, $212 at Everlane

The Coat

(Credit: Photography: Manolo Campion @manolocampion, DLMAU @dlm_au / Styling: Jordan Boorman)

Coat, $2200 at Beare Park 


TOJHA Lanven Coat, $340 at THE ICONIC


Penelope Coat, $700 at Bec + Bridge 

The Little Black Dress

capsule wardrobe
(Credit: Photography: Manolo Campion @manolocampion, DLMAU @dlm_au / Styling: Jordan Boorman)

Dress, $5900 at Louis Vuitton 


Lorraine Collar Dress, $599 at Rebecca Vallance 


Ginger Dress, $214 at Miaou 

The Dinner Jacket

capsule wardrobe
(Credit: Photography: Manolo Campion @manolocampion, DLMAU @dlm_au / Styling: Jordan Boorman)

Jacket, $18,185 at Chanel 


M.N.G Wintour Jacket, $149.95 at THE ICONIC


Cropped Twill Jacket, $150 at COS

The Military Jacket

(Credit: Photography: Manolo Campion @manolocampion, DLMAU @dlm_au / Styling: Jordan Boorman)

Jacket, $6,300 at Miu Miu 


Double Breasted Tailored Blazer, now $333 at CETTIRE 

The Leather Jacket

(Credit: Photography: Manolo Campion @manolocampion, DLMAU @dlm_au / Styling: Jordan Boorman)

Leather Jacket, $3999 at Ralph Lauren 


L’Acadamie Moises Leather Jacket, now $641 at REVOLVE


Faux Leather Bomber Jacket, $129.99 at THE ICONIC

The White Shirt

(Credit: Photography: Manolo Campion @manolocampion, DLMAU @dlm_au / Styling: Jordan Boorman)

White Shirt, $2,485 at Comme des Garçons


Slim Cotton Shirt, $129.95 at Witchery 


Cotton Long Sleeve Shirt, $49.90 at Uniqlo

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