Jesinta Franklin Is At The Top Of Her Game

"Life's short, cut your hair, eat your cake, say I love you"

“Elegance is an attitude,”  Jesinta Franklin explains with the easy confidence that has seen her career skyrocket over the past few years. The 27-year-old is reprising her role as ambassador for Longines Queen Elizabeth Stakes Day – which will be remembered as a historic day in racing thanks to Winx’s record-breaking title.  marie claire caught up with Jesinta ahead of the big day, where she turned heads in a gorgeous Toni Maticevski dress.

The newlywed (she married Sydney Swans star Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin in a secret ceremony almost two years ago) opens up about her simple approach to classic style, how she finds balance with such a busy schedule and her healthy hair secrets. 

What does elegance mean to you?

Elegance is an attitude. It’s about how you wear an outfit and how you carry yourself. Yes, elegance can be attributed to a beautiful dress that you’re wearing or hairstyle or your make-up but for me, it really is about so much more and it’s about that confidence that comes from within.

What is your role on Queen Elizabeth Stakes Day?

I’ll be there on behalf of Longines which I’m really excited about. After a beautiful lunch, I’m going to be helping judge the prize for elegance – like the best dressed. I’m really looking forward to judging that and the winner actually gets a Longines watch as well which is an amazing prize. It’s interesting, I’ve done so many race days over the years and you do see people that have entered time and time again and it really is because the prizes are so big and so worthwhile. People sometimes spend months and months either hand making their outfit or sourcing something, I just really love seeing all the work that goes into it, and the thought as well.

A classic watch is an item that you can build a wardrobe around because it is so timeless. What other pieces do you think every woman should own? 

Every lady should have a watch, it’s just such a classic piece and like you said, you can build an entire outfit around it and it’s very wearable, so you can wear it with jeans and a white tee shirt or you can wear it with a really beautiful outfit and to me, there’s just something about a woman that wears a beautiful classic timepiece.

A pair of really great studs as well, like diamond studs. My husband gave these to me for Christmas and I’ve worn and worn and worn them as well, just anything you can work back in your wardrobe. I also think every lady should have a really great black blazer. We live in this world now where it’s all about consuming so much of whatever the newest and latest thing is, which is why I think it’s so important to invest in those classic pieces. Not only accessories but also those pieces in your wardrobe that can last a lifetime.

Jesinta Franklin

“Life’s short, cut your hair, eat your cake, say I love you”

Which autumn winter trends do you think we’ll be seeing a lot, particularly come race day?

Actually seeing a lot of colour at the launch last week, there was a lot of colour going on which I think is really beautiful going into the cooler months because usually, it’s the opposite, we start to wear more monochromatic outfits and yeah, so I really love the injection of color, embellishment, and there’s a bit of a cowboy/cowgirl theme coming into autumn/winter as well which I think we’ll see in the races as well in subtle ways and also big power shoulders as well, so whether that’s a power jacket or dress but I feel like the big shoulder pads are making a comeback.

Cutting your hair was a really defining moment for you. Do you think that you would ever go back to the long hair?

Yeah, I would. I’m not opposed to it. I’m not anti-long hair but it’s just so easy now for me to do and it’s saved me so much time in the morning. I was the kind of girl with my long hair, I was so bad at styling it so on my days off I’d just have a top knot so yeah, now I feel like it’s easier for me to do. I really love … I love the feel of the short hair and it’s actually been really versatile, too. I thought when I first did it, there’s going to be one style and that’s it but I’ve been able to be quite versatile with it too. I did a shoot a couple of weeks ago with different wigs which was fun as well, so long and short and bobs and fringes and yeah, I just love changing it up. I mean, life’s short, cut your hair, eat your cake, say I love you. All those things.

Do you understand the fascination? 

No, I don’t. It’s so funny. I did it and I didn’t really think much about it and then every single interview I have done, without fail, is about my hair and my DM’s are filled with women chopping their own hair and sending me pictures and saying how great it feels. Yeah, I think there’s just something about it, like I just had long hair for most of my life so chopping it up there was just a really great feeling to it.

What’s the best make-up tip that you’ve picked up backstage? 

Using a face oil as a highlighter, I think that’s really great. It hydrates the skin and gives a natural highlight from under the makeup instead of having the big, you know, disco ball highlighter on the cheeks. I think that’s been a really great tip I’ve learned from Michael [Brown], actually. The face oil on wherever you want to highlight.

Last year Buddy launched his own merchandise activewear line, Buddy Franklin Authentic. Would you ever do something similar?

You never know – Buddy will slowly transition out from the merchandise into streetwear and activewear so we’ve got big plans for the brand. Maybe, if I’m lucky enough, he might ask me to collab with him.

Jesinta Franklin

If you had an entire weekend just to yourself and you didn’t have any work commitments, what would be your ideal way to spend it?

Definitely, with my husband and I love when I have a night off to run a bath and get all my crystals out and light all my candles and sit in the bath and sometimes watch the Kardashians. I set my little laptop up. And then have a beautiful lunch with friends and hopefully, it’s a nice warm day, go for a swim and … yeah but nothing too crazy, just a homebody.

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