Jess Gomes Reveals Her Pre-Runway Routine

And the skincare product she can't live without

Jess Gomes is one of those women who just exudes cool. She’s a top model residing in Los Angeles, she’s a girl boss with her own skincare company, she’s an actress with a just-released movie, and she’s the face of David Jones. See what we mean?

Ahead of the David Jones Autumn/Winter ’18 Fashion Launch, we sat down with the Perth-born beauty to chat about her pre-runway routine, the skincare product she can’t live without, and what she loves to do Down Under.

What do you love to do when you’re back home from the US?

I love going to the beach, going for swims, hanging out with my friends and seeing my family. Waking up in the morning and grabbing a coffee and going for a walk. I just love the fresh air, it’s so nice. I love being home.

What’s your favourite place in Australia?

I would say Perth, just because my family is there. I had a really lovely three week holiday there over the summer holidays and it was beautiful. Cottesloe Beach is one of my favourite beaches in Australia, it’s so beautiful.

What have you been doing exercise wise to prep for tonight’s David Jones’ show?

I’ve been doing a lot of cardio. Some yoga, some stretching and I also really love boxing as well, that’s really fun.

jess gomes

What are you most excited to be wearing on the runway tonight?

I’m very excited to be wearing my Balmain dress because it’s very hot and I love it. It’s my opening outfit. I’m also excited to wear my Rebecca Vallance suit because power suiting is really big this season, it’s one of my favourite trends. I feel really good in a suit – I’m always asking David Jones to put me in one!

What are your favourite Australian designers?

Definitely, I would have to say Camilla and Marc, Kit X and ELLERY.

Do you change anything about your skincare routine before a big show?

I’ve been seeing Melanie Grant, she’s amazing. I’ve been doing the Omnilux facials and I’ve also been using my Equal Beauty products when I travel to keep my skin really hydrated and glowing.

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Being the founder of Equal Beauty, you’d know your stuff: what are your favourite skincare ingredients and why?

Hyaluronic Acid because it really hydrates the skin, Aloe because it’s cooling, and Vitamin C because it’s an antioxidant.

What’s the one beauty product you couldn’t live without?

Definitely, my Equal Beauty Super Mist Spray because it keeps me hydrated all year round. I can use it on my body, I can use it in my hair, on my skin in both winter and summer.

Oh, on your hair too?

Yeah! It just keeps it hydrated, you can spray it all over your body. It’s like a leave-in conditioner, especially after the beach.

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