6 Jewellery Brands You Might Not Have On Your Radar (But Definitely Should)

You'll wish you had known about these sooner

This year, there’s no arguing that our fashion choices have shifted – from luxury loungewear that suddenly became acceptable work attire to swapping out our winter boots in favour of cosier options. But, while our regular wardrobe picks may have been a little less used this year, our jewellery certainly didn’t take a side step. 

From video conferencing becoming the new norm to meeting up with friends virtually, accessories quickly became our be-all and endall. From statement earrings to chunky gold necklaces, there was no denying that instead of reaching for our favourite outfit, we were reaching for our favourite jewels. 

It’s easy to see why, jewellery is one of the easiest ways to elevate even the most simple outfit. But investing in a couple of pieces that you can wear with anything – think gold studs, a chain necklace and a few go-to rings – makes the world of difference to your wardrobe as a whole. Similar to the fashion crowd’s love of specific brands such as Bottega Veneta and, closer to home, Matteau and Aje, a few jewellery labels stand out as being go-to’s for influencers, celebrities and fashion editors alike time and time again.

Below, we’ve rounded up the jewellery labels you might not have on your radar (but absolutely should). 

Autore Moda

The sister brand of iconic Australian luxury jeweller Autore Pearls, Autore Moda was launched to create an accessible range of signature pieces inspired by its heritage. Founded by Ruby Autore, the designs are both modern and distinctive, perfectly embodying sophistication with a chic and timeless finish. The collections are carefully considered and curated, crafted using precious and semi-precious stones and of course, the jeweller’s famous sustainably-sourced South Sea Pearls. Its newest collection, Elements, launches in October and is a fresh take on South Sea pearl jewellery, adding bold gold finishes and colourful beading. 

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Sener Besim

Australia’s own Sener Besim is internationally recognised for his chic, wearable pieces. Taking inspiration from his culture and heritage, the acclaimed jewellery designer effortlessly merges influence with extreme luxury to bring his pieces to life, with collections that are hand-crafted with care to a meticulous finish. The Melbourne-based brand just opened its first stand-alone boutique right in the heart of Besim’s home town, designed in collaboration with Don McQualter of Studio Mcqualter. The space is reflective of the brand’s DNA and expresses the minimalism the designer has become known for. 

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One brand you’ve likely spotted all over your Instagram feed: Mejuri. The Canadian-based label has been seen on the likes of fashion girls worldwide since its launch in 2015, and with its quality over quantity ethos – the label is constantly dropping new and one-of-a-kind pieces for you to dangle on your fingers, neck, wrists, and ears. 

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Holly Ryan

Holly Ryan, since founding her eponymous jewellery line in 2011, has developed a signature style of organic-minimalist and sculptural forms driven by art. With an unconventional approach, the designer uses traditional hand construction of individual pieces, utilising the ancient tradition of wax casting, sculpting her shapes from wax, before casting to recycled metals and finishing each piece by hand. Most recently, the brand extended its offerings into bridal and wedding styles – from minimalist to maximalist, and everything in between. 

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Founder and creative director of Missoma, Marisa Hordern, founded her label with three ultimate goals: to be confident, creative, and collaborative. On top of its incredible jewellery designs, the label has built an online community that bolsters the creativity of the people who wear its creations – showcasing a melting pot of different cultures, styles, and layers. 

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Lucy Folk

When Margot Robbie took to Instagram earlier this year, she was dripped in her favourite jewellery from Australian designer Lucy Folk’s newest collection, Sun Worship – leading many to frantically search for the unique designs. The founder and creative director, Lucy Folk, has cemented a name for herself on the international stage thanks to her gold and silver gemstones – counting many a celebrity fan. 

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