Jordan Gogos Gives A Sneak Peek At His AAFW Collection

“It's that tug of war between what is wearable and the pieces that bring joy, inspire and evoke something.”

Jordan Gogos debuted his epnymous brand, Iordanes Spyridon Gogos, at Afterpay Australian Fashion Week in 2021. Since then, the label has come to be known for its vibrant use of colour, artful silhouettes, and eclectic prints. 

Ahead of his 2023 AAFW runway, Gogos sat down with marie claire Australia, to share a glimpse into his highly-anticipated collection.

(Credit: Image: @jordangogos)

What Is On Your Mood Board Right Now?

I take the approach of starting with the fabrics. That’s what I’m most influenced and excited by. And the fabrics that we’re creating are quite spontaneous, because we’re collaging found things and kind of compressing it. And then we turn over the fabric to see what it looks like.

Who Is The Jordan Gogos wearer?

I always say it’s for the imaginative. People in marketing always want me to answer; What’s the age group? What’s the SES? But I tell them there’s really a space for everyone in the brand because I haven’t excluded anyone I’ve always welcomed in and people have welcomed me and we’ve kind of worked things out together.

Tell Me About This Collection?

We’re fusing a lot of my commercial pieces into the show. So, you know, we’ve got two different diffusions that I’m working on – the ready to wear and then there’s also the couture ready to wear, which is like if a fabric has a defect, and then we want to shred it, and turn into fabric and kind of turn it into a shirt. It’s that tug of war between what is wearable and how we can see people wearing it and then pieces that are meant to bring joy, inspire and evoke something.

The Iordanes Spyridon Gogos show during Afterpay Australian Fashion Week 2022. (Credit: Image: Getty)

What Does Showing At AAFW Mean To You?

Gosh, I love this question. I feel very lucky to have the platform doing this crazy, stupid stuff. What excites me the most is how many emerging designers are on schedule and how much diversity is championed at Australian Fashion Week.

What Does The Future Look Like For Australian Fashion?

What I love about the industry is how supportive the community is. People have opened a lot of doors for me and it’s something that is unique to the Australian fashion industry. We don’t fear competition, because we know there is space for every one and we all have something different and exciting to share.

About The Iordanes Spyridon Gogos Show At AAFW 2023: 

The colour lovers out there could not get enough of the Iordanes Spyridon Gogos show, which featured models dancing and moving melodically down the runway in all matter of colours and textures.

The experimental styles and deconstructed sartorial choices felt avant-garde and other-worldly; no-doubt a feast for the eyes.

The materials, patchworked and mis-matched together with reckless abandon featured repurposed scraps from school uniforms and warehouses, hand-sewn in imaginative ways that disguised their former life. It was a spectacle of life, brightness, and while curious to behold is something that you couldn’t help but get behind in its atypical beauty.

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