Meet the Next Big Thing in Modelling

Iris Law is the latest A-list offspring to hit the modelling circuit

Iris Law is carving her own path to success. 

The daughter of Jude Law and Sadie Frost – who made headlines when she accidentally swallowed an ecstasy tablet at London’s Soho House at just two years old – is all grown up. 

This month it was announced the beautiful teenager will be the new face of Miu Miu’s 2017 Resort campaign.

The rising star has a keen interested in fashion. Reflecting on her personal style, Iris recently revealed that she’s always taken inspiration from her mother: “I like looking at pictures of my mom when she was around my age and seeing her makeup and little dresses…I was always really interested in what she was wearing growing up”.

Taken from Iris Law’s instagram, the rising star is pictured here grinning at the camera. (Credit: Instagram)

Oh, and did we mention that she’s Kate Moss’ goddaughter?

Kate Moss with goddaughter Iris, captured in 2000. (Credit: Instagram)

Despite her recent modelling success, Frost is also keen to pursue her love of photography and painting. As is clear from her dreamy, ethereal Instagram shots, the young model takes after her creative parents: “I’ll shoot someone, usually a friend, and then I’ll base a very intricate oil painting off of that photo”.

Iris posted this candid shot of her youthful parents from way back to her Instagram in celebration of fathers day (which also happens to be Sadie Frosts birthday)! (Credit: Instagram)

And THAT ecstasy tablet? In an interview with The Daily Mail, Law’s mother Sadie Frost later explained that the incident happened during a children’s birthday party at Soho House (a notorious ’90s party spot). She recalled that Iris was “sitting at one of the tables, playing, when my best friend, Zoe, spotted Iris spitting something out of her mouth. I could have ignored it, but thankfully my instinct told me to go straight over and take a closer look. On the end of her tongue was a small grey tablet with a line through it. It had partially dissolved in her mouth but there was enough left for me to grab it.”

The toddler was immediately taken to hospital, where Iris was given charcoal to absorb the pill. She suffered no ill effects. 

Another candid shot from Iris’s Instagram, originally captioned: ‘happy’ (Credit: Instagram)

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