This Is How Much Kate Middleton’s Jewellery Collection (Loaned & Owned) Is Actually Worth

No, we didn't stutter.

Apart from Queen Elizabeth II, it would be safe to say Kate Middleton has owned and loaned some of the most exquisite, famous jewels that exist today. 

From historic tiaras to sentimental earrings and necklaces, the Duchess of Cambridge’s glimmering accessories may as well be the focal point of each and every one of her perfectly put-together ensembles. 

And while her wardrobe of elegant gowns reserved for banquets, soirees and red carpet events are worth a staggering amount in their own right—its the value of the jewellery she’s donned over the years that’s really left us speechless. 

Per UK-based diamond experts Steven StoneKate’s regal jewellery which has been gifted and loaned to her over the years is valued at a total of more than AUD$150,000,000. 

Yes, we almost didn’t believe it either. But, when you break it down it’s easier to take it in (sort of…)

Here, we look at some of the stunning royal jewels the Duchess has worn over the years and how much they’re worth. 

Kate wore Princess Diana’s Collingwood pearl earrings for her official 40th birthday portraits. (Credit: @dukeandduchessofcambridge)

Princess Diana’s jewellery

To mark Kate Middleton’s 40th birthday, the Palace released three stunning new images of the Duchess wearing a stunning set of earrings once owned by Princess Diana, known as the Collingwood pearl earrings

Of course, this certainly wasn’t the only time the Duchess has donned a piece of jewellery once owned by her late mother-in-law. In fact, she wears one such special piece every day—her sapphire engagement ring which was Princess Diana’s own engagement ring. William later inherited the beautiful piece when he proposed to Kate in 2010. 

Kate has also worn Princess Diana’s famous Lover’s knot tiara on several (very special) occasions. She’s also been snapped wearing Lady Di’s three strand pearl bracelet along with her Saudi sapphire suit and her South Sea pearl earrings. 

Together, these pieces are worth more than AUD$30 million.

Kate has worn Princess Diana’s Cambridge Lovers Knott tiara to several banquets. (Credit: Getty)

Queen Elizabeth II’s jewellery 

Kate has been gifted and loaned 10 pieces by Her Majesty the Queen since she entered the royal family following her wedding to Prince William in 2011.

These include Queen Mary’s diamond choker, the Maple Leaf brooch, the New Zealand Fern brooch, the Nizam of Hyderbad necklace, the Royal Family Order brooch, the Bahrain Pearl earrings, the Bahrain pearl choker, the Dubai sapphire earrings, and the ruby and diamond floral bandeau necklace.

Together, each of these pieces are worth a whopping AUD$115 million.

Kate wore The Queen’s Fern Brooch while touring Aotearoa New Zealand in 2014. (Credit: Getty)

Gifts from Prince William

Over the years, Prince William has showered the future Queen consort of England in stunning jewellery. 

Believed to be a gift for her 30th birthday 10 years ago, Wills gave Kate the stunning Olympic Cartier set which is understood to be worth more than AUD$229,000, according to Steven Stone. 

To add, the future King of England has gifted his wife a Ballon Bleu Cartier watch, a Green tourmaline and amethyst earrings, a shamrock brooch and amethyst earrings—to name a few. 

In total, it’s believed his gifted collection is worth more than AUD$285,000.

kate-middleton-cartier-olympic necklace
Kate’s Cartier Olympic Necklace is believed to be a gift from her husband Prince William for her 30th birthday. (Credit: Getty)

Other gifted pieces 

Kate has also received several stunning pieces of jewellery from her in-laws. 

Prince Charles gave her a diamond bracelet which she famously wore to the 2011 BAFTA Awards. She was also gifted a gold charm bracelet by Camilla. 

To add, Kate has also been privy to wearing two pieces owned by late royals the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret—sapphire and diamond fringed earrings and a lotus flower tiara, respectively. 

The Duchess wore a beautiful bracelet gifted to her by Prince Charles to the 2011 BAFTA Awards. (Credit: Getty)

Each of these gifted and loaned pieces are worth an astounding amount ($150 million is really nothing to sneeze at), but what makes them invaluable is the delicate history each piece holds.

Ever graceful, Kate is no doubt a well equipped guardian of each piece she keeps (aided by a heavy security presence, of course), and we have no doubt she has many more famous jewellery statements to come. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled… 

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