Every Time Kate, Princess Of Wales, Referenced Her Predecessor Princess Diana In Outfits

"Fashion influencer" is part and parcel to the Princess of Wales' legacy.

In the wake of the Queen’s death, the only royal title change that could come close to the significance of Prince Charles becoming a King is that of Kate Middleton, who now takes on her Princess Diana’s title, The Princess Of Wales. 

The Princess of Wales title is incredibly special within the royal family given that it was traditionally reserved for the wife of the first in line to the throne.

When a then-Princess Elizabeth turned 18, it was actually suggested that she should become the Princess of Wales in an extra special circumstance, though this was turned down by her father King George VI. 

When Diana eventually took on the title following her marriage to Prince Charles in 1981, it had been 80 years since it was last used (Mary of Teck inherited the title when she married the soon-to-be King George V).

Now, Kate joins Diana in continuing its legacy—and it feels all the more poignant considering the way she has paid tribute to and referenced her late mother-in-law over the years through her carefully curated style choices. 

Of course, both royals have set new fashion precedents with their carefully curated wardrobes—Diana practically pioneered the bike short trend we know and love today, among many others, while Kate’s lace-sleeved wedding gown ushered in a new era for bridal design. 

To mark this historic title change, we look back at 13 times Kate Middleton has directly referenced Princess Diana with her outfits. 

During her engagement shoot with Prince William in 2010, Kate wore a navy blue ensemble not unlike the outfit worn by Diana for her own engagement photocall with Charles in 1981. (Credit: Getty)
To present their newborn sons for the first time (31 years apart) Diana and Kate wore polka-dot dresses. Diana wore hers for baby William’s photo call in 1982, while Kate did so for Prince George in 2013. (Credit: Getty)
Similarly, Kate opted for a bright red dress for the first photos with her son Louis in 2017—it was reminiscent of Diana’s ensemble as she welcomed her second son, Harry in 1984. (Credit: Getty)
In 1985, Diana wore an all-pink ensemble during a visit to Italy—a look that inspired Kate’s Garden Party look which she wore in 2012. (Credit: Getty)
While touring Sweden in 2018, Kate wore a red houndstooth coat similar to that of a coat Diana wore on a tour of Canada in 1991. (Credit: Getty)
While visiting Singapore in 2012, Kate wore a white V-neck peplum design bearing strong resemblance to Diana’s Royal Ascot ensemble in 1986. (Credit: Getty)
Both women were clearly fond of a sweetheart neckline. Kate wore the silhouette for her 2011 wedding reception while Diana wore a similar style at a film premiere in 1990. (Credit: Getty)
Their mutual love of polka-dots has given us plenty of twinning moments over the years. Kate was pictured wearing this white polka-dot dress in 2013 while Diana wore a similar look to the Polo in 1987. (Credit: Getty)
The famous Cambridge Lovers Knot tiara was a personal favourite of Princess Diana’s, so the tribute didn’t go unnoticed when Kate was seen wearing the stunning headpiece for a Diplomatic Reception in 2016. (Credit: Getty)
Kate attended the Order of the Garter ceremony in 2019 wearing a striking white coat with dark piping, while back in 1995, Diana wore a similar style for the Vj Day commemorations. (Credit: Getty)
Kate opted for a pop of colour during a London engagement in 2015, with her black button-up coat taking us back to this 1990 look from Diana. (Credit: Getty)
White dresses, flowing skirts and high necklines—the Princesses of Wales in 1985 and 2016, twinning 31 years apart. (Credit: Getty)
Kate Middleton has once again sartorially referenced Princess Diana’s iconic houndstooth Moschino suit, this time to attend a football match in 2023. (Credit: Source: Getty)

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