Kendall Jenner just wore the world’s most outrageous boots

Where can we get a pair?

Another day, another topless selfie from Kendall Jenner… except this one has caught everyone’s attention.

Not because Jenner has dreamt up a new sultry pose, but because she’s wearing the world’s most OTT footwear: a pair of vivid orange, possibly suede, waist-high boots (and quite literally nothing else. Oh, except a hat).

We’ve heard of thigh-high boots, but waist-high? Only someone with Kardashian blood coursing through their veins could pull this look off:

Jenner gives few details as to the origins of her orange boots, captioning the photo simply, ‘playing dress-ups.’

Note to Kendall: usually, the rules of playing dress-ups stipulate actually getting dressed.

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