Kim Kardashian Just Wore One Of Carrie Bradshaw’s Most Iconic Outfits

Extra, extra!

As far as fashion influencers come, Kim Kardashian West and Carrie Bradshaw are pretty on par. One helped bike shorts, neon and lurex return and one can be credited with launching Manolo Blahnik to success, popularising the baguette bag and changing the way we thought about tulle skirts. Same same but different.

Now, the pair have collided in an unlikely way, with Kardashian West wearing of Carrie’s most iconic looks: the famous Dior newspaper print.

Stepping out for an event in Los Angeles yesterday, Kardashian West opted to channel the Sex and the City character in the best possible way. Donning a John Galliano skirt in the same newspaper print worn by Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, the beauty mogul and mother-of-four looked all the part a ‘00s vision.

The skirt, which comes from the same collection as the dress, hails from Dior’s autumn/winter 2000 collection and is widely known as one of the most famous collections from the designer. Worn by Carrie in a memorable episode of SATC, it’s one any fan will recognise instantly.

However, Kardashian’s biggest nod to the era came by way of her footwear — simple Yeezy flip flops, complete with a tiny heel.

The heeled thong is back and it’s officially 2001 again, people.

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