Kim Kardashian No Longer Owns Any Real Fur

Go Kim!

In between freeing people from wrongful jail sentences and studying criminal law, Kim Kardashian West has cemented her place as a (sort of) animal activist.

Revealing today on Instagram that she’s given up real fur, the Kardashian announced she’s officially tapped out of harming animals in the name of fashion, following along with a number of big-name fashion houses who have done the same.

Captioning a photo of North West in an extravagant white fur coat, Kardashian announced she has had all her real furs re-made in faux fur versions.  

“Remember when I wore this! She picked out the same look lol but fun fact- I took all of my fave furs and remade them in faux fur,” the beauty mogul/mother/lawyer-in-training wrote.

While we’re not sure of the logistics involved to re-make a whole wardrobe of designer coats, we can applaud KKW for her dedication. Well done, Kim!

This story originally appeared on InStyle Australia

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