A Day In The Life Of Lara Worthington

We spent 24 hours with the model/entrepreneur/stunner

We went behind the scenes of the Jasmine & Will campaign shoot with model and entrepreneur, Lara Worthington, 31, to find out exactly what a day in the life of Lara entails.


I’m not an early riser – neither are my children (Rocket 3, ad Racer, 1) – but this morning, I’ve carefully timed a workout before the boys wake up. Exercising is my favourite part of the day because it is my own time – I’m not on my phone, working or thinking about anything.


It only takes me about 15 minutes to get ready – even less sin I have had children. Showers are non-negotiable for me, though. I can’t leave the house (or go to bed) without having a hot shower.


I also need to have something in my stomach before I walk out the door, so I have a bowl of porridge for breakfast – really boring!


I’m really into podcasts and listen to the Goop on with Gwyneth Paltrow and Oprah Winfrey in the car on the way to the shoot. I’m the kind of person who writes down Oprah quotes as inspiration. I’m a big nerd!


I arrive at the Jasmine & Will campaign shoot on location at a mansion in Koreatown in Los Angeles and go straight into hair and make-up. I do my own hair. Sometimes I think it’s better just leaving it than putting product in it – especially for the just-woken-up, be-head look we are going for.



I get to work on set. It’s an all-Australian team. My friend Marina Afonina is styling, Filomena Natoli is doing my make-up and Darren McDonald is the photographer. (Jasmine & Will founder) Jasmine Lindsay is there as well. It makes it really easy when everyone knows each other.


I shoot my favourite sleepwear look of the day, which was a customised robe with my name on it. They gifted it to me at the end of the day and now I wear it all the time.



We order lunch in from a vegan place named Café Gratitude that I love. I’m not vegan, but I’m pescatarian – I only eat fish. Even though I’m wearing loose-fitting pyjamas, I don’t want to feel full or heavy, so I opt for a salad. We get it delivered through Postamtes, which is an app that’s kind of like UberEats but on a much bigger scale. They deliver whatever you want within 30 minutes. It’s like your own personal courier. I live on their app.


My emails are piling up, but I ignore them. I’m not great at responding quickly to people – my close friends know that I can take days to respond. I prefer to set aside a block every few days and do it all in one go.


The shoot wraps – it’s been a big day.


We head to my favourite restaurant in LA – an Italian place called Pace – for a team dinner after the hoot. Being able to relax and enjoy each other’s company is the best part of the day. We order pizza and pasta – my go-to.


I tidy up the house and wrangle the boys to bed (which can be a struggle). My husband (actor Sam Worthington) has been filming for the past eight months, which has been pretty difficult, but I’ve been juggling things with some help from my mum. I’m exhausted after a big day, but work exhaustion is a lot different from parental exhaustion. I sometimes feel like going to work is easier!


After my non-negotiable shower, I go straight to bed. I like my bedroom as dark as possible, so sometimes I sleep with a Tempur-Pedic eye mask on. It is so good, I swear by it.

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