Leni Klum Is Not A ‘Racy Teenager’, She’s An Adult Who Dresses In Her Power

Discussions of what is ‘appropriate’ belong to Leni and her mum Heidi Klum alone.

Leni Klum and her mother, supermodel Heidi Klum, recently attended an event to celebrate Intimissimi, an Italian lingerie brand that is also sold through Victoria’s Secret. Little did they know that Leni’s outfit would become a sounding board for sexist commentary and blatantly creepy headlines. 

The pair made an adorable mother-daughter appearance at an event to promote the FW22/23 campaign, with Heidi in a pink lacy minidress, and Leni in a sheer black floor-length gown, with Intimissimi collection bra and underwear peeking through.  

While the pair were there for work, to support a lingerie event, the story ended up being largely angled as an opportunity to sell a ‘young nepo baby wears too-sexy outfit for her age’ agenda.  

“Teen poses in undies next to model mum”, one headline read. “[Leni] showcased her toned physique in lacy underwear” said another, while a third said: “[Leni] steal[s] show in racy see-through dress”. 

leni-klum-sheer-dress-woman-shaming (2)
(Credit: Image: Instagram)

The insinuation is that Leni is a child who was dressed inappropriately and sexually, as her mum watched on. Yet, it’s simply not true.  

She is an adult in her own right, who should have the ability to choose what she wants to wear – racy or not – without being shamed by media for being too ‘sexy’ for her age.  

Also, given that Leni is with her mum, isn’t it between them to decide what is ‘suitable’ for her to wear?  

The media response to this photo op is a prime example of the politics of women’s clothing, the dissection and attribution of meaning where there needn’t be.  

It’s also important to note that it is okay to feel sexy, to look sexy. Women should be able to reclaim that power, wear what they like, when they want, and do so with pride, not for fear of being torn apart for ‘being inappropriate for your age’.  

leni-klum-sheer-dress-woman-shaming (2)
(Credit: Image: Instagram)

We see this kind of thing happen time and time again. Teenagers told they need to be more modest, older women told to turn down the sexiness. Young adults and middle-aged women told to look more ‘youthful’ and avoid the ‘frump’. Isn’t it all a bit… exhausting? 

We’re not the only ones who feel that the public treatment of Leni’s outfit needs revising.  

Many fans rushed to social media comments to support the young model, who plans to follow in her mum’s footsteps in the fashion world.  

“She’s 19, can do what she wants. See more scantily clad people at my local Big W,” one irate fan commented on a post.  

“They are both adults — let them do what they want. It’s nobody else’s business.” 

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.  

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