The London Fashion Week Presentations You Can Watch Virtually

For the first time in its history, the event went digital

For the first time in its history, London Fashion Week went digital amid the COVID-19 pandemic, meaning it was accessible to all who wanted to tune in over the weekend. On what would have originally been Men’s Fashion Week, women’s fashion was also shown and in an unprecedented move, designers weren’t so focused on collections (with many not being able to make them). Instead, many showcased a mix of virtual presentations, conversations and films which covered not just fashion, but the lack of diversity in the industry and the current world climate in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests. 

Below, we’ve rounded up a few highlights. For more head to the official London Fashion Week website

BFC & Google Panel Discussion: The Importance of Collaboration in Fashion Sustainability

Featuring fashion favourites such as Maghan McDowell, Caroline Rush, Claire Bergkamp, Stella McCartney, Laila Petrie of 2050 & WWF, and Maria McClay, a panel discussion was held to talk about the future of fashion sustainability.

See the discussion here


Farfetch Celebrates LFW

Collaborating with London Fashion Week, Farfetch created four interviews with some of the most exciting British designers with four leading Chinese influencers. 16Arlington, Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY, Erdem and Roksanda speak to Sunni, Dipsy, Anny Fan and Fil Xiaobai respectively in a series of four films.

See the film here


RIXO Resort 2021 Collection

The RIXO presentations at LFW each year are always ones to watch, and this year was no different (even if it was done virtually). The resort 2021 collection was bursting with florals, all photographed in co-founder Henrietta’s family home and garden in the countryside.

Watch the presentation here


Bianca Saunders ‘We Are One Of The Same- Zine Panel’

Black designer Bianca Saunders, a recipient of Forbes’ 30 under 30 list, explored togetherness, identity and gender alongside photographer Joshua Wood and writer Jess Cole.

Cole wrote, “We established a common-ground through our share realities of blackness, whilst drawing out the distinct difference in our lived experiences as black peoples’ in the UK and US. Liberating ourselves from the confines of corporate and client interference, the project is a fusion of freed and multi-disciplinary expressions. This zine is an art-come-poetry-come-fashion piece. The imagery of the written word frames the visual language of photography, capturing the craft of tailoring contoured by the shapes of styling. Our solidarity ebbs and flows through our commonalities and differences. We are of the same fluidity, nothing is fixed forever, everything changes constantly. We are one of the same moment, yet it is only through our difference in perspective, that we can keep this moment moving forward.” 

See the discussion here


OSMAN YOUSEFZADA In Conversation With Livia Firth

Following designer Osman Yousefzada as he travelled to Bangladesh (pre-pandemic), this enlighting film interviews garment workers in factories, supported by Livia Firth’s brand Eco-Age. It asks important questions on sustainability. 

See the film here


Ahluwalia ‘Jalebi’ Photography Exhibition

For London Fashion Week, designer Priya Ahluwalia returned with her second book (a follow up to 2018’s Sweet Lassi). Jalebi is a limited-edition photography tome, photographed by Laurence Ellis, that traces several strands of the designer’s work and what it means to be a young mixed heritage person living in modern Britain. All profits from Jalebi, along with the photographic print sales, will be donated to the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust and to Southall Black Sisters. 

Watch the presentation here


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