The Most Memorable Moments From London Fashion Week Fall 2022

Every unmissable moment from Britain's best and brightest fashion stars.

Despite Storm Eunice putting up a strong front, Britain’s best and brightest designers, supermodels and super-stylish influencer set proved that fashion is *the* UK unstoppable force to be reckoned with.

For London Fashion Week Fall 2022 our favourite emerging and established designers continued to prove that physical runway formats prevail, taking us from upmarket Japanese restaurants for Rejina Pyo to mediaeval hallways for Simone Rocha, all to present their Fall/Winter 2022 collections.

It was apparent that the “vibe shift”—the latest trend coined by ​​Sean Monahan that’s arguing the mainstream consciousness and zeitgeist is changing—has arrived in London and shows no signs of leaving.

What we mean by this is that designers are in a period of transition—and in turn their consumers—and in turn their consumers—exploring new ways to deliver trend-forward collections that would become synonymous with a specific period or vibe.

Post-pandemic, designers are leaning into experimental techniques, questionable garments and the fun that sensual and dopamine dressing can offer.

LVMH Prize winner Nensi Dojaka took her trademark lingerie designs a step forward, incorporating forms of knitwear, leather and even (unexpectedly) sequins. Fashion East’s Chet Lo served Y2K snow bunny realness, pushing the boundaries on what we consider après chic.

Elsewhere, Richard Quinn reinforced his Quinn-isms with latex millinery reminiscent of the 19th century Parisian grand couturiers and unapologetically volumus coats and dresses—unafraid to reference or to not, as Lady Gaga would say.

But between the countless runway presentations, model off-duty moments and high-society soirées there are a lot of looks to keep up with.

Keep scrolling for every unmissable and memorable moment from the mammoth week.

Lila Moss Channelled Kate Moss As The Unconventional Bride

For a model there is no better accolade than being asked to close the show as the proverbial bride.

It’s a role that Kate Moss has performed numerous times, including as a Vegas-strip runway bride for Versace in 1995 and a Swan Lake inspired look for John Galliano in 1994.

Now, Kate’s daughter Lila is following in her mother’s footsteps and taking up the mantle of the unconventional bride by closing the Richard Quinn show in a Stepford Wife-esque midi dress with protruding feathers and matching latex stockings.

Considering Quinn’s collection is inspired by the golden era of couture this look couldn’t be more fitting.

Richard Quinn (Credit: Source: Getty)

Things Got Kinky At Richard Quinn

Amongst the Balenciaga-esque pantboot bodysuits and 60s ladies-who-brunch silhouettes, Richard Quinn delivered an jaw-dropping kink-inspired full latex bodysuit worn by none other than real-life doll and RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Violet Chachki.

High-fashion fetish isn’t new, but Chachki masquerading as a dominatrix as she literally walked model James O’Connor—who was dressed in a head to toe gimp suit—certainly was a fashion moment for the ages.

The radical avant-garde look was not only significant for bringing mostly underground BDSM movement to the mainstream, but in challenging fashion conventions of what couture and high brow design can be.

Richard Quinn (Credit: Source: Getty)

Simone Rocha Gave Us All The Wedding Makeup Inspiration

While Simone Rocha’s collections always teter between fantasy and reality, Rocha’s whimsical folklore inspired Fall/Winter collection was something straight out of a fairytale.

Inspired by the Irish fable ‘Children of Lir’, Rocha’ imaginative presentation presented a contemporary approach to wedding gowns with draping tulle, puff-shoulder and laced skirts.

But it wasn’t just the collection that had us captivated, with the Euphoria-esque bridal makeup some of the most innovative at LFW. Featuring sequin and pearl adorned eyelids, fresh dewy skin and showstopping wings, we’ll be saving these looks for our time to walk down the aisle.

Simone Rocha (Credit: Source:

Nensi Dojaka Is Continuing To Bring Sexy Back

Fresh of her LVMH win, Nensi Dojaka is heralded as one of the most exciting new designers to come from London’s fashion scene.

A red carpet favourite of the celebrity style set, Dojaka is expanding her repertoire of sophisticated feminine designs by shifting away from classic lingerie inspired pieces to more mature cut-out and outwear pieces.

Dojaka is continuing to bring sexy back on the runway and the fluid, bias-cut, skin clad collection is serving a whole lot of skin.

Nensi Dojaka (Credit: Source: Getty)

Maximilian Proved Why He’s Nominated For The LVMH Award

Emerging designer Maximilian is proving he’s a fashion force to be reckoned with.

Following his nomination for the 2022 LVMH Prize, his presentation was marked as one not to be missed, and the Trinidadian-Jamaican designer certainly did not disappoint.

Fusing classic tailoring with Y2K tropes, playful textures and tones are mastifuly draped across the body to hide, or reveal, a slip of skin.

With fans including Dua Lipa, Kylie Jenner and Rihanna, we’re sure we’ll be spotting these looks across our feeds in due course.

Maximilian (Credit: Source: Getty)

Moon Boots Had Their Moment In The Sun At Chet Lo And Poster Girl

They’re currently the most coveted shoe and it seems like the chokehold moon boots have on the fashion style set isn’t slowing down, having appeared on the runway’s of Chet Lo and Poster Girl.

Of course this isn’t without a Y2K spin.

Chet Lo’s iconic popcorn print was fashioned into futuristic colourful knee high and ankle grazing stompers along with faux-fur variations.

For Poster Girl’s runway debut, their super sensual designs were juxtaposed by the addition of balaclavas and wide leg-warmer style boots.

While we are not sure how practical they are when it comes to traversing the elements, they sure are cute to look at.

Chet Lo (Credit: Source: Getty)
Poster Girl (Credit: Source: Getty)

Victoria Beckham and Mia Regan Had A Mother-Daughter Moment At Supriya Lele

The passing of the guard. Although Victoria Beckham is sitting this season out, she’s still showing support for London’s fashion scene by sitting front row at Supriya Lele with Romeo Beckham’s girlfriend Mia Regan.

Two of the most prolific fashion forces of their respective generations, Victoria and Mia are keeping in the family by showcasing both sides of London’s street style: effortlessly polished and eccentrically lo-fi.

Victoria Beckham and Mia Regan at Supriya Lele (Credit: Source: Getty)

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