Louis Vuitton Just Released Next Season’s ‘It’ Bag

We're obsessed

It’s been a while since one designer item dominated our Instagram feeds like no other, but mark our words, Louis Vuitton’s new collection is about to do just that.

Inspired by the vibrant ’80s music movement of the same name, the ‘New Wave’ bags play on the current monogramming trend with a huge, metallic LV logo on the front and a removable handle featuring a rainbow coloured ‘Vuitton’ tag (which, it pays to note, we’d never remove).

Taking inspiration from a vintage Louis Vuitton trunk, which was decorated with a graphic wave-like motif, the on-trend quilted texture was created. 

louis vuitton

‘Smoothie pink’, ‘Malibu green’ and bright red will no doubt be big sellers, but for those who prefer a more understated look, the New Wave bags also come in the ever-chic options of black and white.

louis vuitton

No doubt we’ll soon be seeing the collection, which launched in stores and online today, hanging off the arms of everyone from Louis Vuitton muses Siena Miller and Sophie Turner to fashion cool girls around the globe. 

We’ll race you to the checkout. 

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