What To Wear When The Dress Code Says Lounge Suit

Lounge what?
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Getting prepared for a big event can be hard enough, but throw in a confusing dress code and things get even worse. Cocktail and black tie might be easy enough to decipher but lounge suit takes things up a notch. What even is lounge suit? We’ve broken it exactly down below, complete with plenty of examples you can take with you to your wardrobe.

What is lounge suit and what does it mean for women?

Lounge suit is a loose term for women, but it generally means that a formal dress or outfit is required. However, it isn’t quite as formal as black tie, so something like a pantsuit or floral pattern could be acceptable. For men, it’s a lot simpler and means a suit worn with a tie.

lounge suit

The do’s of lounge suit

Do wear something that falls below the knee. Lounge suit is not cocktail, so you should make sure to dress in a formal manner. This generally means heeled shoes, too. That being said, if the event is in the morning there is some leeway on the length of the dress.

For a day time event with a lounge suit dress code, opt for a smart jacket over a long dress, or go for a neat trouser set. Lower heels are preferred during the day, but the event is still classified as quite formal.

For a night event, think of lounge suit as black tie, but without the men in tuxedos. If coming straight from work, lounge suit can be adapted by throwing a blazer over a less formal dress. However, if possible, no jacket.

The don’ts of lounge suit

Don’t wear a dress that falls over the knee, or even over the shin. Midi to maxi dresses are preferable for the dress code, as are heels.

Don’t go too informal with your fabric choice. Opt for plain coloured dresses, rather than pieces with too much colour or print. However, a sophisticated floral pattern could work for a daytime lounge suit dress code. 

lounge suit

Failsafe outfit?

When in doubt, a long black dress worn with heels is always going to work. When you’re not sure what will work best, bring a blazer jacket on arrival which you can use to dress the outfit down. If needed, this can be stashed away.

What are some examples of lounge suit?

Below, we’ve rounded up a slew of lounge suit ideas from some of our favourite celebrities. From Blake Lively in the perfect formal jumpsuit to Amy Adams in a failsafe black dress, the below examples can help you pick the perfect lounge suit outfit.

lounge suit
lounge suit
lounge suit
lounge suit
lounge suit

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