This HUGE Fashion Designer Could Now Do Your Wedding Stationery

We say yes

If you’re dying to add a designer touch to your big day but shudder at the price tag, do we have news for you: the inimitable Mary Katrantzou (ie the London fashion designer renowned for her deft hand with kaleidoscopic colour and eye-catching prints) has teamed up with Paperless Post.

You know what that means: it’s suddenly dead easy to add a luxe touch to your wedding day without the exorbitant cost of a designer dress or high-end florist.

Katrantzou has collaborated with Paperless Post on a collection of 15 different stationery designs, all of which are customisable and include the most opulent envelopes we’ve ever seen (don’t think an envelope can be opulent? In Katrantzou’s hands, even the most everyday items are rendered exquisitely extravagant).

“Just like her prints take garments to unexpected realms of perception, her designs let our invitations and cards transcend the envelope – bringing her inimitable design language to parties planned and messages sent online,” says Paperless Post.  

Calling all brides-to-be: get it while it’s hot.

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