Meghan Markle Is Obsessed With This Aussie Jewellery Brand

And we are too to be honest...

Ever since Meghan Markle started dating Prince Harry, the Suits star and royal bride-to-be hasn’t left the spotlight. 

Now that she’s fast-tracked towards becoming part of the royal family, the Meghan Effect is in full swing, with almost everything the American actress wears selling out immediately.

Before the engagement, Meghan gave an Australian designer some love, wearing beautiful pieces by Natalie Marie Jewellery

The handmade Sydney designs have clearly captured Meghan Markle’s attention for their simplicity, opting for some of their finer designs.

She wore the Dotted Oval Pendant and a set of stacked wire rings, captioning the photo, “When you get the package of jewellery that makes your heart go pitter-pat. Thank you. Hi. @nataliemariejewellery My very favourite. #BTS @suits_usa #suits #rachelzane #trailertime”

meghan markle

On a separate occasion, Meghan took some time to give the brand some love by wearing the Rose Morganite ring, posting a photo captioned, “Don’t think this is what @Beyonce meant when she said #middlefingersup – but my love for this precious ring from @nataliemariejewellery has me humming #lemonade #notanad #lovethisdesigner”.

Natalie Marie, the founder of Natalie Marie Jewellery explained what it meant to have Prince Harry’s bride wearing their pieces.

“It’s invaluable to have someone that truly loves and supports the brand wearing our pieces, as this translates very honestly and authentically to our collective following.

“I think Meghan’s appeal is that she is a very genuine and open individual, who speaks very truthfully and sincerely whether the conversation is around her style choices or her extensive charity work.”

She added that she takes a unique approach to jewellery making, using a small team of jewellers to offer a bespoke service.

“My style is generally quite minimal. That’s not to say my work steers away from embellishments and fine detailing, in fact, these are a key element of our unique language.  

“I think I have approached jewellery from a different angle to the traditional jeweller in that my tendency is to try and deconstruct and pull back the overall picture, so that specific elements can be emphasised.” 

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