Meghan Markle Had A Secret Message On Her Wedding Veil That Everyone Missed

It was a message for Prince Harry

When Meghan Markle stepped out of the car on her wedding day, the world fixated on the royal bride’s breathtaking Givenchy gown, the dazzling diamond tiara and of course, the dramatic 16-foot veil.

However it seems there was a detail on that veil that we all overlooked. It wasn’t the 53 flowers from all the Commonwealth countries, we knew about that, but according to the Duchess of Sussex herself, there was one other, very personal detail on there that paid tribute to her now-husband, Prince Harry.

And while there was much talk at the time of her ‘something blue’ – the soles of her shoes, Princess Diana’s aquamarine ring gifted to her by Harry – it turns out there was another blue detail hidden away.

“Somewhere in here there’s a piece of blue fabric that’s stitched inside — it was my something blue,” Meghan remarks in the new documentary, Queen of the World, according to People. “It’s fabric from the dress that I wore on our first date.”

And apparently even the royal family didn’t know of the sweet detail.

However she was most proud of the inclusion of the embroidery honoring all 53 Commonwealth countries.

“I’m really over the moon to find out that I would make this choice for our day together,” Meghan says in another clip according to People. “And I think the other members of the family had a similar reaction and just appreciation for the fact that we understand how important this is for us and the role that we play, and the work that we’re going to continue to do within the Commonwealth countries.”

She continues: “It was good news all around, I think, so I hope people like it as much as I liked helping to create it.”

Back in May, Meghan’s dress designer Clare Waight Keller, told People described how the idea for the veil came to fruition.

“There was a conversation early on about the story that we were going to tell through this wedding,” she said. “Part of what I wanted to do was talk to her about what type of stories they could be. The fact that her and Prince Harry will be working a lot in the Commonwealth was something that I thought was really intriguing and could be something built on to be part of the day.”

Several meetings took place with the then bride-to-be and the concept became clear.

“We had different conversations back and forth and I came up with the idea of maybe representing each of the countries, the 53 countries of the Commonwealth, through their flora and fauna,” she added. “We both loved the story of that. It also meant that every single one of those countries also journeyed up the aisle with her. It was a really poetic moment.”

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