Instagram Really Went For The ‘Met Gala Challenge’

It was almost as good as the real deal

If there’s one thing that’s kept us entertained in isolation, it’s the weird and wonderful trends on Instagram. Creativity is at an all-time high during the pandemic, from the #pillowchallenge to the #rainbowchallenge, the world has been keeping themselves busy in quarantine. 

On the first Monday in May, while the 2020 Met Gala was sadly postponed for obvious reasons, people decided to celebrate anyway, by re-creating the most iconic Met Gala dresses at home, using whatever they had to hand. It was almost as good as the real deal. 

One influencer even re-created Lady Gaga’s iconic outfit changes from last year, by making the four Brandon Maxwell dresses and underwear out of bedsheets and laundry baskets, even getting her parents involved. 

It didn’t stop there. Others turned to red carpet favourites like Rihanna in her Comme Des Garcons dress and her Guo Pei dress she wore at the China: Through The Looking Glass Met Gala. Dresses worn by Celine Dion, the Kardashians and Solange also made the cut. Keep scrolling for some of the best:


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