Wish-Listed With: Morgan Riddle On Personal Style At The Tennis And Aussie Brands She Adores

The style influencer reveals her go-to "comfortable" heels and how to make Tennis-core your own.

Whether you’re a longtime tennis fan or you subscribe solely for the courtside style, you’ve probably heard of Morgan Riddle. 

Girlfriend of American tennis player, Taylor Fritz, Riddle has become a star in the sporting circle and beyond due to her impeccable outfits which push classic tennis-core tropes to a new level of chic, gaining the 26-year-old an impressive online following. 

Deservingly dubbed ‘The Most Famous Woman in Men’s Tennis’ by The New York Times, she recently landed in Melbourne to support Fritz at the Australian Open, and has already been serving looks from the grandstand. 

One of Riddle’s first ensembles for the Open, inspired by a leather mini dress look spotted on Bella Hadid (yes, you read that right), is the perfect example of how the star is redefining spectator style. 

“I’ve done quite a few videos where I recreate outfits and those seem to resonate with people, especially with that Bella Hadid [look],” Riddle tells marie claire Australia. 

“It’s a tight leather dress, that’s not what people look at when they think tennis.” 

In fact, recreating iconic looks, such as Princess Diana at Wimbledon and even Bec Hewitt’s “worst Melbourne Cup outfit of all time”, is one of Riddle’s signature moves. 

Image: Instagram @moorrgs

While her personal style has evolved since she shared her very first ‘Get ready with me’ video, two years ago at the Australian Open no less, Riddle’s courtside uniform continues to embrace fun, femininity and the chance to dress up. 

“For matches I usually wear dresses and heels, which I wish I could wear in everyday life, but that just wouldn’t make sense, because most of the time I’m working from home in my pajamas,” she says with a laugh. 

Reflecting on her style evolution, Riddle adds: “I think I found a lot of my personal style has come from the travels that we do. We spend about six months of the year in Europe—the way that people dress for tennis matches in Europe is very different than the U.S.

“So, I dress a little more elegant [now], but still quite girly.” 

Image: Instagram @moorrgs

With Morgan a fan of Australian fashion brands and shopping, particularly “Mecca,Viktoria & Woods, Bec + Bridge”, we had to find out exactly what the star was squeezing into her suitcase and what she can’t live without.

So, scroll on for everything on Morgan Riddle’s wishlist. 

Inside Morgan Riddle’s Wish-List


Ophelia Mini Dress

$1,350 at Farfetch

“I went into the Rebecca Vallance shop the other day and picked up this really cute dress.” 


Jildie Slingback

$140 at Sam Edelman 

“These are the shoes that I always wear two matches because they’re very comfortable to walk around in.”


Sunny Daze Hydrating SPF 50+ Face Fluid Drops

$24.95 at Bondi Sands

“Bondi Sands sunscreen, of course, I have to wear a lot of that this week.” 


Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation

$79 at Adore Beauty 

“I just got a new bottle of the Dior Backstage Face and Body Foundation, which has been my go-to foundation for years now.” 


Kosas Brow Pop

$35 at Mecca

“I love Mecca, I picked up this brown pencil the other day.”

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