H&M Announces Newest Designer Collaboration With Moschino

The announcement was made at Coachella

Following on from the success of their recent H&M x Erdem collection, H&M have announced their latest collaboration this time with none other than Italian fashion house Moschino.

Creative director Jeremy Scott announced the news via Instagram Live model Gigi Hadid at Coachella.

“For fans of the brand, it should feel a little like a greatest hits collection, but I promise it will still be new, still feel fresh, even as we include some winks, some hints from the past,” Scott said of the collaboration.

Scott is known for his tongue-in-cheek attitude to fashion, he’s all about colour and kitsch and making fashion fun, it’s “humour meets haute couture”, and this new collection will open his designs up to a whole new mass market.  

“In this era, there’s so much that is very serious and sad and painful. We have to deal with all that, and that’s important. But I really want fashion to be a reprieve from that. I want to be a bright light in the midst of so much darkness; people need a moment, a break from it. If I can give people a little escape with fashion, even if it’s for a minute when someone scrolls through Instagram, I’ll take it. That’s what I want to give.” 

“Everything H&M does, it just aligns with me. I am ‘the people’s designer’, after all. That’s a title that’s been bestowed on me; I think because I believe in the democratisation of fashion, and I’ve found many different ways to reach people.”

The collection will be available online and in selected stores worldwide from 8 November. 

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