The Muscle Tee That Instagram’s It-Girls Are All Wearing In Isolation

Dress like an editor

As working from home has become the usual, the extra time spent at home has meant saying goodbye to our work wardrobes, and hunting for more comfortable ensembles. With tie-dye loungewear and basic sandals gaining sudden popularity, it seems like new fashion trends are originating from other’s self-isolation outfits rather than the runway.

If you have an Instagram account or if you follow even a handful of influencers, you are sure to have seen a particular t-shirt doing the rounds. With ’90s-esque padded shoulders, this elevated basic is the perfect blend of comfort and style, making it even easier to look like you’re at the office but feel like you’re in your pyjamas.

Style the look with some sleek, black denim, or tuck it into generously pleated pants, but make sure to stick to neutral hues. The perfect staple piece, the muscle t-shirt was originally created by Frankie Shop, but has since popped up on high-street brands, such as Zara and Mango.

Below, where you can shop the trend:

Zara Top With Shoulder Pads

Zara Top With Shoulder Pads, $113.39, available at

Pixie Market Organic Cotton Padded Tee

Pixie Market Organic Cotton Padded Tee, $150, at

Mango Shoulder pad cotton t-shirt

Mango Shoulder Pad T-Shirt, $34.95, at

Frankie Shop Eva Padded Shoulder Tshirt

Frankie Shop Padded Shoulder Muscle T-Shirt, $114.54, at

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