Nicole Kidman & Anya Taylor-Joy’s Sartorial Reference To Norse Queens On The Red Carpet

Two fashion queens pay homage to the queens of Norse mythology.

It seems that Anya Taylor-Joy and Nicole Kidman have picked up on the latest red carpet trend of sartorially referencing the film you’re promoting for the Los Angeles premiere of The Northman.

As you may have guessed by the title, the movie is quintessentially a Norse folkloric tale of epic proportions.

It’s already been heralded as one of the best action films of our time thanks to its distinct brutish aesthetic and grandiose scale, so naturally the cast had to continue to deliver those blockbuster proportions both on and off the screen.

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Since the pandemic, we’ve seen a trend of stars paying homage to their characters on the red carpet by dressing like their characters.

Need we look any further than Zoë Kravitz’s Oscar De La Renta custom cat corset gown at the New York premiere for The Batman?

Or Zendaya’s Rick Owen’s galactic empress dress—hell, even her desert sand inspired Balmain ensemble—for the Dune press tour?

Now, both Kidman and Taylor-Joy are paying homage to their respective roles as Norse queens with ornate gowns plucked straight off the pages of a (distorted) fairytale book.

Taking cues from Kidman’s very own custom Prada gown, the stars are making true of the proverb ​​birds of a feather flock together by channeling similar high-octane Scandinavian symbolism that gives Midsommar a run for their money.

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Kidman donned a column Prada dress silhouette inspired by the label’s Fall/Winter 2022 collection. The bronze metallic mesh dress was accented by a blue crêpe de chine collar and embellished with a floral motif crystal embroidery.

The la pièce de résistance? The complimenting salmon coloured feathers adorning the shoulders. This of course was a nod to the detailing presented on the runway during Milan Fashion Week back in February.

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If Kidman is embodying the Norse Goddess Freyja for this look then Anya Taylor-Joy must be channeling the ice-hearted Snow Queen from Hans Christian Anderson’s fable.

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Wearing an A-line gown from Dior’s Fall/Winter 2022 collection, Taylor-Joy is clearly continuing the sorcery her character possesses in the movie because we’re obsessed. This is stuff of legend, people.

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While the costuming in The Northman is less haute couture and more pagan-chic, we know that this film will be a feast for the eyes.

Thankfully for us, The Northman will be released in Australian theaters from tomorrow. We’re already manifesting Oscar nominations for this one.

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