Real Wedding: A Wintery Farm Wedding That Bucked Tradition

It was as personal as they come

Kristafor Rowland Farrenkothen and Kirsty Fay Farrenkothen first met at a youth group eight years ago. Two years later, they started dating and in another six were getting ready to tie the knot on a family farm in Oberon, New South Wales in a wintery ceremony that would suit them just perfectly.


“We are winter people! Could think of nothing better than a crisp clear chilly morning and that’s what we had! We got married at 10am with coffee in hands with blankets and scarves!” Kirsty says, with photos being proof that her father did indeed wear a scarf for the ceremony.


“We had a coffee van for the guests by Black Speciality Coffee, so the morning consisted of amazing coffee, slow breakfast, champagne and just hanging with the girls in one house and the boys in the back house. It was wonderfully slow and relaxed,” the bride says of the morning.

“All we wanted was an outdoor wedding but being winter it was a mystery if we would be able to,” Kirsty says of the weather on the day, which was a huge factor in the planning stages. “I have a huge family and being a location wedding with a cap on guests, it was difficult deciding who can and couldn’t come! We still wanted friends there so was difficult choosing.”


In the end, the weather was near perfect — the sun even came out just as they said ‘I do’ — and the celebrations went on without a hitch. Kirsty, an organised person, had planned everything herself — down to the minute. So when her husband and his friends suggested a spot of tennis during the reception, the bride wasn’t sure how it would play out in between her meticulous planning.


“There was a moment where the boys were down on the tennis court playing during a break in speeches and they called to Kris and I saying come down! I thought why the heck not, we love tennis! So in wedding dress, heels and all – we had a quick spot of tennis!” Kirsty says, confirming it was one of the most memorable moments from the weekend.


Opting for a clean cut traditional dress, Kirsty bucked tradition and expectation by choosing the first dress she tried on.

“About 18 months before our wedding I was at a dress fitting for a best friend. I was just perusing the dresses and picked out this particular one that I loved, and said, ‘That’s it, that’s my dress’. A year or so later I walked in and Jo [a friend and manager of the store] already had the dress in the dressing room for me. First dress I tired and it was the one,” she recalls, describing the final look as “Clean, crisp and elegant. Timeless.”


Swaying towards a fresh and understated beauty look, Kirsty asked her make-up artist, Monique Lawler to create a look that was as if she’d “just stepped out of the shower”. Dewy skin, lightly defined eyes and a nude lip later, the bride was herself, but a little bit elevated.

“I just wanted to feel like myself, not so dolled up that I didn’t feel like me. I love the ‘fresh’ look so I told the Monique that I wanted to look like I’d just stepped out of the shower but perfect! Was really happy and felt good in my own skin.”


Confirming it’s all in the planning and the details, Kirsty admits having time to relax beforehand was the reason her nerves didn’t get the best of her. And revealing the secret to the perfect wedding? Don’t worry about what’s been done before, just do it for yourself and the rest will come naturally.

“We had the whole weekend at the farm so nerves were over by the time the morning came. It didn’t feel too fast, I felt wonderfully in the moment the whole day which I was worried about. It was so relaxed and everything really went perfectly. It’s all in the planning.”

“We had lots of little things we either cut out or added in, because it’s our day and just because it’s ‘tradition’ doesn’t mean it has to be done.”


Hit List:

Venue: Waldara Farm, Oberon NSW
Dress: Pronovias at Marry Me Bridal, Mosman
Rings: Natalie Marie (bride) Fifth Lane (groom)
Shoes: Jo Mercer
Hair: Diana Moore
Make-up: Monique Lawler
Fragrance: Aesop
Groom’s suit: AMI
Bridesmaids outfits: Shona Joy
Catering: Jacob Food
Coffee Van: Black Speciality Coffee
Photographer: Alex Carlyle
Videographer: The Honest Jones
First dance song: True North by S. Carey
Flowers: Lola Mai Floral Styling
Invitations and stationery: Designed by Molly Grover

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