Every ‘O.C’ Fashion Trend We’re Still Wearing

Julie Cooper hat

There’s no doubting The O.C’s influence on 2000s fashion. Between Marissa’s polo shirts and Chanel prom dress, Summer’s flip flops and bikinis and Anna’s pageboy hats, it’s safe to say the show spawned a thousand imitators. The spaghetti strap going out tops even have their own, circa 2019, Instagram page.

And like all good things, some of The O.C’s most famous fashion trends are coming back around. From cargo pants to aforementioned spaghetti straps, some of the show’s most iconic looks are so current they’d fit in perfectly on Bella Hadid’s Instagram feed. While polo shirts and capri pants might not have made it into the revamped zeitgeist just yet, there are a whole slew of O.C-era pieces that have been given new life. Below, our favourites.

Belted trench coats

Belted trench cot

Slip tops layered under T-shirts

Slip tops

Cut outs

Cut outs



Oversized hats

Julie Cooper hat

Spaghetti straps

Polka dot wrap dresses

Polka dot dress

One shouldered tanks

Cargo skirts with LOTS of pockets

OC fashion

Cozy knits

Cozy knits

Prairie tops (on Summer)

Prarie top

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