Olivia Molly Rogers’ Forward-Thinking Fashion Tips

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Olivia Molly Rogers is one of those unique people who has a ridiculously glamourous life but still feels like a relatable friend. We asked the model and former Miss Universe about her tips for forward-thinking fashion.

Olivia Molly Rogers Style

MC: How would you describe your style?

OMR: I would describe it as colourful and confident but also ever changing, I love to mix it up with my style. I’ve always liked experimenting with fashion, but I’ve found over the years that I have often been drawn to similar cuts – like high waisted pants, oversized blazers, suits, cropped tops, and matching sets.

I try to remain open to different styles though, and just go with whatever makes me feel good and confident at the time. For example, I never used to wear mini dresses, but I have been really liking them lately. I like to invest in key staple pieces that I know will last me years.

olivia molly rogers fashion tips
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A Conscious Approach To Fashion

MC: What’s your approach when considering a fashion purchase?

OMR: I always think about how much wear I will get out of it and what other clothing items and accessories I have that will work with it. I try to steer away from fast fashion as much as I can and purchase from sustainable brands who have an ethical approach to fashion.

I absolutely love the feeling of excitement that comes with buying and wearing something new, but I also love getting wear out of pieces I’ve had for years as well as vintage pieces. I have a whole collection of blazers that were my grandpa’s and accessories that were my grandma’s, and it feels so special to wear them. The quality of the fabric of my grandparents’ pieces is amazing and reiterates why it is important to invest in good quality pieces for longevity. I am all about re-wearing and sharing clothes too, my girlfriends know that my wardrobe is always open to them. I love seeing my friends in my things!

Olivia Molly Rogers fashion tips miele
Investing in your wardrobe includes having a solution for maintaining the pieces you love. Olivia Molly Rogers says, “I love using both the silk and woollen functions on my washing machine, it means I can wash items myself that I never would have in the past, they would have ended up at the dry cleaner for sure, most likely after sitting in my car and being forgotten about for too long!”

MC: What’s your approach to laundry, and caring for your clothes?

OMR: I get quite attached to my clothes if I’m being honest, so I take really good care of them! I remember being so upset when I was little when my grandma accidentally shrunk my favourite jumper in the wash, so I have always taken extra caution when doing my own laundry. Miele appliances make it easy though, they do the hard work for you!

Olivia Molly Rogers Fashion Tips Miele
“The technology in the Miele appliances gives me peace of mind knowing that the fashion items I cherish will survive and thrive after multiple washes,” says Olivia Molly. “I also like knowing that I am not using crazy amounts of water on each cycle, it’s good for my clothes and the environment.”

Olivia Molly Rogers’ 3 Very Fashionable Tips

Think with a sustainable mindset, like Olivia: Invest in timeless pieces, high quality construction and durability, for both wardrobe and appliance investments. And…

1. Follow what you love

A good outfit can make you feel so empowered and confident, which is what I love the most about fashion. There is nothing quite like the feeling of putting on an outfit that you love.

2. Dress for the occasion

I will always try to dress appropriately depending on the occasion and the dress code. I love getting dressed up for black tie events, but I equally love wearing jeans and a blazer for dinner with friends.

3. Ditch the rules

I think less is more, but also there are no real rules with fashion, I think people should always wear whatever makes them feel their best.

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