This Photo Of The Olsen Twins As Bridesmaids Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

Those smiles!

Last year, the Olsen twins were bridesmaids at the wedding of their friend Cassie Coane. At the time, there weren’t many close-up photos of the stylish sisters, rather wider-framed shots including all 18 – yes, 18 – bridesmaids. 

Thanks to the website Olsen’s Obsessive, a new photo of the day has surfaced, and it’s possibly the cutest pic we’ve ever seen of Mary-Kate and Ashley (obviously, other than in their matching Full House days). 

Wearing short, printed kaftans with pom-pom necklaces, flower crowns, and bracelets, the twins were caught laughing as they danced across the grass. 

On the feet, Mary-Kate opted for a pair of Balenciaga kitten-heel mules and Ashley wore ankle-strap, block heels. 

More smiling photos, please, you two! 

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