Calling All Brides! We Found The Most Magical Collection Of Bridal Shoes

Your search is over!

Picking the perfect pair of bridal shoes is a big deal. Not only do you want your feet to be as spectacular and lust-worthy as your wedding gown and accessories, you want to feel comfortable (meaning no awkward couple dance in sight!). Luckily, two of Australia’s leading labels have joined forces to make that search simple. One Day Bridal and Alias Mae, brands who have shaped and influenced both the bridal and footwear industries respectively, have teamed up to create the most magical collection of bridal footwear. 

One Day Bridal’s Creative Director Kyha has used her focus on fabric design and innovation to catapult the label to international acclaim. Her designs regularly push the boundaries, break conventions and inspire brides to create their own visions, which has resulted in the rapid growth of her bridal brands. Alias Mae is known and recognised for their fresh and unapologetic shoe designs, founded by Tom Kirkhope, a talented shoemaker with an extensive career. 

The two labels have brought together their passion for creation and innovation to design an alternative to the traditional bridal shoe. Instead, brides can choose contemporary pieces that can be worn beyond the wedding. The duo is also passionate about empowering women, so are proud to note that $1 from each purchase online will go directly to i=Change and their worthy projects.

Below, take a look at the collection: 

one day bridal
Aurelie heel, $189.95
alias mae
Doherty heel, $199.95
Dria Heel
Dria heel, $199.95
Harlo heel, $199.95
Dris heel
Dris heel, $199.95

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