Pandora’s New Collections Prove Lab-Grown Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Diamonds are forever... and for everyone.

The latest jewellery trend taking the world by storm? Lab-grown diamonds.

Chemically, optically, thermally and physically identical to their mined sisters, lab-grown diamonds are becoming the trend du jour for those seeking a sparkling option that is easier on the planet, and the pocketbook.

Diamonds, as the saying goes, are forever, and now lab-grown collections are re-writing the rules of diamond jewellery and making them available for everyone.

The world’s largest jewellery brand, Pandora, has launched its own lab-grown diamonds range with three stunning collections bringing the gemstone’s enviable and unmissable sparkle to more occasions and more people.

The collections re-imagine diamond traditions, and with the campaign calling on some of the most recognisable and fashionable faces in the world—think Pamela Anderson, Grace Coddington, Sherry Shi and Precious Lee—it’s clear just how big the lab-grown movement is.

“Our diamonds are not for the few, for a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, or only for giving,” says Mary Carmen Gasco-Buisson, Chief Marketing Officer of Pandora.

“They represent personal meaning that each of us can create.”

Here, we explore Pandora’s three unique collections making diamonds available for all.

Pandora lab grown diamonds Precious Lee
Precious Lee, Pamela Anderson and Grace Coddington are bringing the new Pandora lab-grown collections to life.

What Is The Difference Between A Lab-Grown And A Mined Diamond?

So why are lab-grown diamonds becoming increasingly popular? Put simply, we’re becoming more conscious of the impacts of our spending habits and the world of diamonds is no different.

Lab-grown diamonds are identical to mined diamonds, but instead of being excavated they are created in a laboratory. With the same optical, chemical, thermal and physical characteristics as their mined counterparts, lab-grown diamonds are also graded by the same standards—that is, the four “C’s” of cut, colour, clarity and carat.

Pandora Lab-Grown Diamonds are grown, cut and polished for exceptional quality to maximise radiance and sparkle, with no imperfections to the naked eye, near colourless quality and excellent cuts.

They also have a lower carbon footprint compared to mined diamonds, and, since August 2022, every piece from Pandora Lab-Grown Diamonds collections has been made with diamonds grown, cut and polished with 100 per cent renewable energy and set in jewellery crafted with 100 per cent recycled silver or gold.

(Pandora Infinite pieces crafted prior to this date are still sold in Australia, with the lab-grown diamonds in these pieces grown using more than 60 per cent renewable energy on average and set in a mix of recycled and non-recycled silver and gold.)

Pandora Lab-Grown Diamonds: Collections Designed To Inspire

As part of the journey to democratise diamonds, Pandora has launched three lab-grown diamond collections featuring rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

Inspired by the infinity symbol, the Pandora Infinite collection features fluid lines that embrace each sparkling stone, symbolising the infinite potential of the jewellery and its wearer.

Pandora lab grown diamonds Pandora Infinite collection
A new take on modern elegance, Pandora Infinite features infinity-inspired shapes that create unique layering possibilities.

Capturing a sense of imperfection, the diamonds appear suspended, with pieces designed to be collected and layered together.

With a clean, modern and distinctive aesthetic, Pandora Era reimagines classic bezel and prong settings with a unique take. Ideal for celebrating life’s important moments, big or small, the collection can be curated and worn every day, individually or layered. 

Pandora lab grown diamonds Pandora Era collection
Pandora Era offers a new take on two classic diamond settings to create universally wearable pieces.

Revealing more of the diamond, Pandora Nova introduces a distinct, four-pronged setting. Each round brilliant or princess cut stone captures the light with more dimension, brilliance and warmth, as if floating in mid-air.

A new take on modern elegance, the innovative asymmetric setting creates a feeling of space and openness.

Pandora lab grown diamonds Pandora Nova collection
The lab-grown diamonds in the Pandora Nova collection appear as precious fragments of light, with brilliant stones placed in unexpected and spacious settings.

Pandora Lab-Grown Diamonds are available in select stores and online from August 31st.

Brought to you by Pandora.

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