Pinterest Just Predicted The Top Style Trends For 2017

This is what will take over the off-the-shoulder trend...

Are you ready for the off-the-shoulder trend to be over? Well 2017 is a new year, and Pinterest has already predicted the top style trends for next year!

In a list called the Pinterest 100, they listed the top trends across food, fashion, homes and more. 

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Here’s the top 10 trends you can expect in style…

1. Camel Coats

When the weather turns cold, this is the colour you can expect to make an appearance more next year…

Gigi Hadid Paris

2. Bell sleeves

These are up 300% and are set to be more popular next year.

3. Slip dresses

Layered or on their own, we’ll be seeing more of them. 

4. Political statement shirts

Wear them loud and proud!

Nasty Woman

5. 70s inspired fashion

Take a trip down memory lane with nostalgic styles like this one…

6. Earring stackers

We’ll be seeing more earrings – on just one ear!

7. High necklines

These just seem to keep getting higher…

8. Head scarves

They’re great for second day hair! 

9. Lighter hued, higher waisted jeans

New year, new jeans.

10. Airport fashion

There has never been a better time to be trendy at the airport with airport pins up 1600%! 

Blake Lively airport

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