Editors Reveal The Wedding Day Advice They Wish They Were Given

Bridal advice

Getting married can be seriously stressful. From the choosing of a perfect venue to the guest list, pulling together a seamless, memorable day can be daunting to say the least. And when all manner of aunties, cousins and family friends choose to offer their well-intentioned advice, it can be overwhelming and often not exactly useful — a thousand suggestions of flower arrangements might be useful, if you actually had time to digest it. But getting advice is important, too — learning from others bride’s mistakes can ensure you don’t make the same ones. Here, we’ve put together all the advice from our married editors in one easy, digestible story, so you can take notes — no screaming across the dinner table required. Good luck!

Sarah Grant, Features Director

  • Weddings can be so varied — extravagant, shoe-string, enormous, super intimate — but I think the most important component, and what really resonates with the guests, is to create a sense of who you are as a couple and try to convey your story.
  • This can be done in lots of different ways, from selecting a venue that has sentimental meaning, to writing your own vows, incorporating your closest people into additional roles beyond the bridal party and even choosing table names that help to share a bit about your journey as a couple (i.e places you’ve lived or travelled). I think when special meaning is carefully curated, it helps guests to feel connected to you both as a couple, and everyone really feels the love!
Sarah Grant on her wedding day
Sarah Grant on her wedding day

Hannah Crawley, Digital Content Manager

  • Set boundaries and responsibilities with your spouse from day one! Split things down natural lines of interest. My fiancé is music obsessed so he is in charge of entertainment, whereas I have visions of baby’s breath everywhere so flowers are on my to-do list.
  • If you like a dress, buy it. Don’t hesitate on that.
  • Organise an on day manager who isn’t an attendee. If you want your day to run as seamlessly as possible without a second thought, offload the run sheet to someone who will nail it.

Chloe Buttenshaw Senior Fashion Editor

  • Try not to drag the date out. Book a space or location and run with it.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff because trust me, on the day you will not notice.
  • Pinpoint what’s important to you and focus on that. Mine was food, so I made the food amazing and a large part of my budget went towards it.
  • Work with a budget — you don’t need to go overboard!

Robyn Fay-Perkins, Photo Editor

  • My (second) wedding was done on a budget and we did it together, so the whole organisation process was fun and a great bonding experience!  It was the small details that made our wedding special – the bonbonniere of Emirates Business Class amenity kits (we met on an Emirates BC flight, sitting next to each other) for everyone, and making sure everyone was cared and catered for.  The day wasn’t just about us, but celebrating our love with our nearest and dearest – I think everyone felt the love!
  • My advice would be to give yourselves time to organize things and enjoy the process.  Also, to keep in mind, it’s one day in the rest of your relationship together, so if things don’t ‘go to plan’, don’t stress, just enjoy your party!

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