Power Suits Are Still Having A Major Moment So It’s Time To Invest

Suited up

Power suit dressing is the style every woman should master. Not only will it make you feel like a total boss lady, but it can also be uber flattering. Not only that, investing in a good power suit means you can be sure the next time you have that important meeting, event or outing—you’ll be prepared, and prepared in style. 

Power dressing was born in the 1970s and has since developed year-on-year to add a distinct timely flair. The style, often characterised by a two-piece suit (shoulder pads optional), is a style that lets women embrace their inner worker bee while still maintaining a feminine edge. The best thing about the power suit is it transcends style, so women of all shapes, sizes and professions can wear the look—as exemplified by women like Hillary Clinton and Meghan Markle. 

While the trend is by no means new, especially off the back of fashion week, there’s no better time than the present to invest. The best part? Thanks to the surge of street style stars and celebs who are on board with the trend, we’ve been given countless new ways to rock the power suit. From clean cut to oversize to crops, the power suit is here to stay.

Below are some of the best ways to rock an ’80s power suit, only new and improved. 

The Velvet Suit

Sophie Turner’s navy look just went to the top of our winter wish list. A velvet suit is perfect for the colder months, and the pieces can be worn separately for a dressed down vibe. 

Sophie Turner

Shop the look:

Hansen and Gretel Velvet Blazer
Hansen and Gretel Velvet Trousers

Clarie Velvet Jacket Boysenberry, $319, Lena Velvet Pants Boysenberry, $249 at Hansen & Gretel.

The Deconstructed Suit

What better way to update the 80s power suit trend than totally deconstructing it. Designers like Dion Lee are taking the classic trend and interpreting it in their own way, much like the women of today. 

nicole warne
Nicole Warne

Shop the look:

Christopher Esber Blazer
Christopher Esber Trouser

Tie-Back Blazer, $990, Silas Trousers, $990 by Christopher Esber at Farfetch.

The Bold Printed Suit

Nothing says “I mean business” quite like a power suit in a bold colour. The best part? You can always wear the suit pieces separately for a casual look that will last years. 

printed suit

Shop the look:

Victoria Beckham Blazer
Victoria Beckham Tailored Shorts

Checked Jacquard Blazer, $750.71, Checked Jacquard Shorts, $466.22 by Victoria Beckham at Net-A-Porter.

The Metallic Suit

A fun, and very 2019 way, to up your suit game? Add a little sparkle à la Kourtney Kardashian. 


Shop the look:

Sass And Bide Sequin Blazer
Halpern Sequin Trousers

‘Marlena’ Long Line Sequin Blazer, $350 at Sass and Bide; Wide-Leg Sequined Trousers by Halpern, $542 at Matches Fashion.

The Oversized Suit

As Lady Gaga said while dressed in her epic oversized suit, “In this suit, I felt like me today. In this suit, I felt the truth of who I am well up in my gut…I decided today I wanted to take the power back. Today I wear the pants.”

lady gaga

Shop the look:

Joseph Oversized Blazer
Joseph Trousers

Josie Light Blazer$889, Tambi Wide-Leg Tailored Trousers$620 both by Joseph at Farfetch.

The Leather Suit

Nothing says modern businesswoman quite like a head-to-toe leather (or faux leather) power suit. Bella Hadid nails the trend, adding in some matching pumps and gold earrings. It’s also unsurprising that Hadid wore this look at a Women of Power event—very fitting. 

bella hadid
Bella Hadid

Shop the look:

Zara Faux Leather Jacket
Zara Leather Trousers

Faux Leather Blazer, $169, Faux Leather Trousers, $69.95 at ZARA.

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