Meghan Markle Has Inspired Princess Beatrice’s Style Transformation

She's swapped statement hats for leather jackets

Princess Beatrice is probably best known for her outrageous royal outfits – think everything from high-shine satin in primary colours to the OTT pink headgear she donned for Kate Middleton and Prince William’s royal wedding.

princess beatrice hat
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But her most recent public appearances have seen the princess take an entirely different approach – one that royal onlookers are putting down to the Meghan Markle effect. For starters, she’s leaving her statement hats at home. Behold:

princess beatrice fashion
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princess beatrice style makeover
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princess beatrice meghan markle
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“These are the looks that Meghan had before she became a royal,” celebrity stylist Rochelle White has said to the Daily Mail. “I think she has been inspired by past and current looks of Meghan.” 

“Looking at her, she has grown into a more sophisticated, trendy style,” White continues. “The styles she is choosing now are much more fashionable and on trend.”

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