Princess Diana’s Iconic 90s Fashion Is The Crown Jewel In ‘The Crown’ Season 5

From the revenge dress to her Princess off-duty style, no detail is missed.

The Crown may have hold a special place in our hearts for its impeccable reimagining of Princess Diana’s most formative fashion moments, however it’s the cult-favourite Netflix drama’s highly anticipated fifth season that will truly deliver her most memorable ensembles of all time.

With Australian actress Elizabeth Debicki taking up the mantle of portraying the late people’s Princess, season five of The Crown will chronicle the life and legacy of the Royal family from the early 1990s  right up to Diana’s untimely passing in 1997. It was a period marked by trials, tribulations, divorce, scandal, and none more so that the infamous “annus horribilis” of 1992.

One of Diana’s biggest legacies, aside from her ahead-of-her-time charity work and unique mothering style, was her formidable style prowess.

While both attending public functions and off-duty, Diana possessed the distinct ability to command attention and subtly convey her emotions through style cues and unconventional attire for a Princess Of Wales.

Diana’s 90s era will always be remembered for its boldness, subversiveness and skill of defying our expectations of what a member of the Royal family is capable of, a uniform which has since been adopted by her sons’ partners, Princess Kate and Meghan Markle.

Now, these looks are being immortalised in The Crown, with our endless fascination of one women’s innately stylish aesthetic once again becoming a part of the cultural zeitgeist.

That’s not to mention the many moments of Princess Diana’s style that have stood the test of time, becoming more relevant than ever (see: sultry evening wear, oversized blazers, athleisure and, of course, an impeccable handbag collection to boot).

Below, the exact outfits of Princess Diana’s that have been recreated for The Crown season five.

The iconic “revenge dress” recreated in ‘The Crown’ season five. (Credit: Source: Netflix and Getty)

She’s an icon, she is a legend and she is the moment. We are, of course, talking about Princess Diana’s sensual black Christina Stambolia gown on the same evening a documentary aired, in which Prince Charles confirmed he had been unfaithful during their marriage. The media dubbed this beautiful gown as the ‘revenge dress’, and it’s lived in our minds rent free ever since.

Princess Diana’s pale blue Catherine Walker dress from 1996 (Credit: Source: Netflix and Getty)

While this isn’t the revenge dress, this pale blue Catherine Walker dress is up there with Diana’s most iconic looks. Diana opted to wear this gown for a charity gala she attended in 1996 with Mohammed Al Fayed, the father of her future lover, Dodi Fayed.

An iconic resort wear ensemble from 1990. (Credit: Source: Netflix and Getty)

In 1990, Princess Diana and her family — husband Prince Charles, and sons William and Harry — holidayed at Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands. She was photographed by the press in this iconic Jantzen leopard print bikini and matching sarong, an outfit The Crown naturally recreated. Sadly, Prince Harry’s equally iconic ‘Darwin Australia’ graphic tee seems to have been forgotten by The Crown’s wardrobe department.

Princess Diana attending an event in Washington in June 1997, months before her death. (Credit: Source: Netflix and Getty)

In June of 1997, Princess Diana attended the American Red Cross HQ in Washington wearing a lilac suit from one of her favourite labels, Versace. While attending the event, Diana delivered an anti-landmine speech on behalf of the American Red Cross. From the scallop-trim lapel to the pearl earrings and necklaces, The Crowns recreation of this ensemble proves their attention to detail is superlative.

Princess Diana arriving at the AIDS Association ‘London Lighthouse’ in 1996 (Credit: Source: Netflix and Getty)

In Season 5 of The Crown, Princess Diana’s style prowess was on full display, and there is no better example of her inimitable influence than in her welding of the Lady Dior handbag. Dior’s iconic creation, which debuted in 1995, became a must-have accessory in Princess Diana’s arsenal, and one that was inextricably linked to her on-duty wardrobe. Originally called “Chouchou”, Princess Diana was originally gifted the creation by the First Lady of France, Bernadette Chirac, and thus its legacy as the ‘Lady Dior’ began. A Lady Dior for Lady Spencer? How apt. 

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