Forget Nude Bras, Here’s Why You Should Wear Red Under Your White T-Shirt

A great excuse to bring out the lingerie.

Calling all fans of a crisp white t-shirt tucked into straight-legged jeans, TikTok has a new bra hack that will change your life.

Wearers of white will know the sartorial blunder that occurs when donning white undergarments under white clothing. While it might seem like the right move, the white-on-white accentuates the bra or underwear, making it even more visible through your shirt.

Those in the know have since switched to ‘nude’ coloured bras and undies, but we all know that it’s hard to find the right match for everyone, and even then, sometimes you can see it through the shirt. The answer? TikTok says it’s the vampy red lingerie sitting in the back of your drawer.

No, it doesn’t only have to be for special occasions.  

Time to pull out your best red bra. (Credit: Image: Getty)

Countless fashionistas and lingerie experts have taken to the platform to share this hack, where you don your red bra or underwear under a white top expecting to see much more than you bargained for in the mirror, only to realise that the bra just ‘disappears’.

Of course, you’ve got to be careful about the texture of your shirt. If the fabric is see-through, you’re going to see the colour through it. Also, if your bra is heavily lacy, you’ll see the texture too.

Yet, if you have smoother bra and a normal cotton t-shirt, this is the hack for you.

We Tried The Red Bra White Shirt Hack

The white shirt, straight jeans combo is a classic ‘model off duty’ look. (Credit: Image: Getty)

Naturally, seeing all the videos online made us want to try this hack.

I went straight to my cupboard to find a classic white shirt and the reddest bra I owned to put them to the test. The minute I put the bra on my first thought was, there’s no way it’s going to work. It’s bright red for goodness sakes!

However, after dubiously popping on the t-shirt, I was shocked to look in the mirror and notice how invisible the bra was under the shirt. You couldn’t see the red, you couldn’t see the outline of the bra and it was essentially like I wasn’t wearing anything under it.

Safe to say, this hack is approved.

The Best Red Bras To Buy

Pleasure State My Fit Graduated Lace Push Up Bra, $74.95, Bendon Lingerie

(Credit: Image: Pleasure State)

Part of Bendon’s elevated luxury ‘Pleasure State’ brand, this push up offers a beautiful boost and a smooth lace overlay that won’t be overly obvious underneath a t-shirt. It also offers a ‘Secret Service’ pad lining in a velvety texture for brilliant hold and comfort, smoothing straps and slightly scalloped neckline.

Dita Von Teese Rosabelle Non Padded Bra In Red, $94.95, Myer

(Credit: Image: Myer)

If you’re looking for a non-padded option in a red colourway this Dita Von Teese number is a wardrobe staple.  Great for those looking to minimize their cup size, it offers sheer side support slings to create shape under your t-shirt.

Saturday The Label Rose Underwire Bra, $79, The Iconic

(Credit: Image: The Iconic)

This bra is like a collector’s item for your lingerie drawer. The specialty design features hand drawn roses and is made of the softest mesh for ultimate comfort. 

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