‘Romeo & Juliet’ Fans Will Love This Jewellery Collection

The Love In Verona collection pays homage to one of Italy's most romantic cities.

With Milan Fashion Week upon us, it’s time to honour one of Italy’s finest jewel craftsmen: Roberto Coin.

Coin has been on the scene since 1996, creating iconic jewels for the elite. 

His designs have been worn by Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and Cynthia Erivo on red carpets across the globe.

Selena Gomez wearing Roberto Coin jewels. (Credit: Getty)

Now, Coin is paying homage to Italy with his collection inspired by the city of Verona. 

Roberto Coin has previously been inspired by the italian cities of Portofino, Capri, Rome and Venice, but Verona might be his most romantic endeavour to date. 

Verona is perhaps best known as the home of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet; a fact which immediately provokes one’s romantic sensibility. Verona is even home to the ‘Juliet Club’ a venue which houses thousands of love letters written to ‘Juliet’ from people all over the world. 

Verona is home to Romeo & Juliet.

Given the city’s romantic associations, it’s no wonder Roberto has chosen the title ‘Love In Verona’ to represent his collection. 

The pieces in the collection are made with three types of gold (white, rose and yellow), in polished and satin finishes, depending on one’s preference. 

The collection also reintroduces the four-petal diamond flower that has been the centre of Roberto’s collections before. The repetition of the flower over the surface of the jewels is an homage to the architectural structure of the Arena of Verona. 

Here are some of our favourite pieces from Roberto Coin.


Love In Verona Earrings With Diamonds3,141 (AUD $5,200)


Love In Verona Ring With Diamonds€6,314 (AUD $10,454)


Love In Verona Bangle With Diamonds, 5,150 (AUD $8,527)


Love In Verona Earrings With Diamonds€2,312 (AUD $3,828)


Love In Verona Necklace With Diamonds, 3,641 (AUD $6,029)

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