Romance Was Born Took Us To A ‘Watery Disco Grotto’ For Their Resort 2023 Collection

5 Questions With... Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales from Romance Was Born

‘Subtle’ has never been part of the Romance Was Born ethos, and the Resort 23 show at AAFW did not disappoint.

Showing to a select few at the Ken Done gallery, Luke Sales and Anna Plunkett presented a pop punk, eclectic line inspired by Done’s iconic reef artwork.

Rainbow tweeds (fashioned entirely from vintage wool, shredded silk saris and dead stock ribbons) came together with architectural gowns and dresses adorned with (fake) corral to create a ‘watery disco grotto’.

marie claire Australia caught up with Luke and Anna ahead of the show to talk inspirations for their latest triumph.

(Credit: Source: Getty)

What’s on your mood board for this collection? 

Tropical fish, Ken Done reef paintings


Tell us about the new collection.

For our Resort ‘23 collection ‘Done Zone’, we imagined bringing to life the carefree spirit of Done’s iconic art, personifying his paintings as a bevy of muses each unique in character and hot-to-trot.


What does showing at AAFW means to you? 

It is always such a special time for us because it’s when we get to be truly creative and see our ideas come to life.


Do you have a standout moment or memory from AAFW? 

Our ‘Whispering Angel’ presentation at our friend Roslyn Oxley’s house ‘Carthona’ in Darling Point. Knowing our muse of the collection Catherine Baba was going to be in the audience, it was such a beautiful morning, and everything came together so nicely, it felt exactly how we imagined it!


What Australian designers throughout history do you look up to/ have inspired you and why? 

Akira Isagowa, for his strong signature style and beautiful fabrications are always so thoughtful. Michelle Jank, for her use of vintage textiles and capturing an essence of what we love about fashion. And of course, Jenny Kee and Linda Jackson for their unbridaled celebration of the Australian wilderness and also a sense of just pure fabulousness.


In three words, who is the Romance Was Born wearer?

Free, fun, optimistic.

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