Rose Byrne Featured In Elegant Photo Shoot For Playboy

Yes, Playboy

Following Playboy‘s recent change in editorial direction, Australian actress Rose Byrne has been featured in an elegant photo shoot in the June issue of Playboy Magazine. As part of their current ‘no nudes’ policy, she posed in red and black in a bedroom and lounge room setting, and the images are subtle and sensual, without detracting from her elegance.

The story included an interview with Rose covering everything from life in LA to her work in X-Men and her work in comedy.

“I definitely wasn’t an overnight success. And I didn’t take to it at first. In my own naive way I felt prepared for L.A., but nothing can ever really prepare you for L.A. It’s such a strange place.”

She also highlighted her concerns with the Bridesmaids press tour, which reflected some of the general feelings of the public towards women in comedy.

“With Bridesmaids, all the press focused on was “Wow, they’re all women, and they’re funny!” You would never say that about a comedy with all guys. No one would say, “They’re men, and they’re funny!” We were really treated like aliens in the press.”

Playboy Magazine‘s last issue featuring nudes came out last year in December, with Pamela Anderson as the final nude model.

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